Brokeback Mountain

2006-07-13 10:31


It is 1968 and two young men, Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, find work driving cattle in Wyoming. Jack is outgoing and friendly, Ennis is dark and moody. The men forge a tumultuous life-long bond in a harsh society.


Think Romeo and Juliet, except that Juliet is a rodeo cowboy with a five 'o clock shadow. Yes, it's a gay love story, now that we have that out of the way…

Two young men, Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) and Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) find work driving cattle in Wyoming.This might have been a drawn-out cowboy movie with two grimy men drink ing alcohol straight from the bottle, characteristic of Western veterans like Clint Eastwood. But it isn't.

And forget every movie you've seen about homosexuality, this is not what this movie is about. Better yet, have no expectations, that way you won't be preoccupied by the subject matter. Brokeback has succeeded where others have failed, in bringing realism to characters too long portrayed as one-dimensional stereotypes.

The cast is young and the talent is boundless. Heath Ledger portrays the troubled, conflicted Ennis with an awe-inspiring respect for the character. The 27-year-old actor delves deep to tug at the heartstrings without compromising the character's dignity.

Ledger's real-life girlfriend and mother to his daughter, Michelle Williams (from Dawson's Creek fame) plays the part of Elma, a small-town girl and wife to Ennis. Williams not only brings innocence but also strength to the character. If this performance is anything to go by, Williams and Ledger are set to become Hollywood's new power couple.

Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway bids farewell to Princess Diaries and challenges Hollywood to respect her as a serious adult actress. Her performance is competent, if a bit lacking in substance. Gyllenhaal compromises his teenage fan base for the sake of bringing immense compassion to an almost unlikable Jack Twist. He succeeds in adding subtle touches of callowness to Twist's character, enough irrationality to irritate you, but not enough to completely dislike him.

The themes are carried more by what is not said, much like the quiet demeanor of the main character. This technique forces the actors to articulate emotion on gestures and expression, but also leaves a lot to audience interpretation.

Calling Brokeback Mountain a 'gay love story' does not give the movie justice, the focus is never on the homosexual element of the story, but rather the human element. Foremost, it's a story about love - the raw passion of human love in all its glory, without being afraid to touch on the ugly bits. A showcase of the power struggle between head and heart, embracing the complexities of life and the unfavorable standards set by society.

- Ashlin Simpson

It's easy to see why Ang Lee won Best Director for this heart-breakingly beautiful story about a 20-year-long love affair between two cowboys. If this film doesn't move you, nothing will.

Bruce 2006/03/08 6:51 AM
comming of age love story In this story i'm sure alot of people will find that being gay is not a crime and that sexual preference is no longer and issue in the society of today, oneday gays will be treated equally and by the looks of it this turn around time is just around the corner
Nikki 2006/03/08 8:43 AM
Brokeback Mountain If society can learn one thing here it is that love has no barriers, knows no diversity and has no falsness. To bad that religions fundementalists cannot see the real message their religion has to offer. TransAmerica
Ben 2006/03/08 9:42 AM
Fudgepack Mountain I'll make sure to give this a miss Reading the Bible and not twisting it to fit todays lifestyle
jean 2006/03/08 10:57 AM
These Oscars Saved Hollywood These Oscars have given the Acadamy back what it lost last year (when it made that stupid boxing movie win over MUCH better movies) - it's integrity in the face of an increasingly censorous state. Ben, you are a fool - Jesus would almost certainly have told you to stop being so mean and nasty and unchristian.
Hennie 2006/03/08 4:16 PM
Brokeback Mountain People always fear the unknown. Times have changed since the first gay movie shown. I think Breakback Mountain made more sence than a lot of STRAIGHT movies out there. Come on guys, keep your religion to yourself. WELL DONE BREAKBACK MOUNTAIN!!!! The Sum of us.
roger 2006/03/08 5:42 PM
typical now even the movies has been polluted with homo's
MissFTV 2006/03/08 7:51 PM
Must be fantastic Oh shut up Roger, you just do not know real truth when it hits yiu. It is a fantastic movie. Hennie and Jean, i totally agree with you. Roger on the other hand...don't worry doll, we all know you are really gat at heart and this is how you hide it. Most defenatly!!!!
colin 2006/03/10 6:42 AM
LIFE AFFIRMER MOVIE Brokeback Mountain makes a gay person who has no issues with his sexuality (unlike Roger) celebrate this fact and sympathise with (Roger are you listening) those who are gripped with fear and uncertainty. Thank you Ang Lee. and Roger sure some one will listen ....
Johann 2006/03/10 1:45 PM
Something to think about A little slow in the beginning, but keep watching.... It will teach you to not take people you love for granted and that sometimes its better listening to your heart especially in these when its so easy to love and leave!! But for the married men going on alot of fishing trips you could be in trouble. Maybe Roger is one of these :-) ~Enjoy~
Michael 2006/03/10 2:16 PM
Abomination Homosexuality is an abomination to God. Mankind is glorying in sin in the face of a Holy and Righteous God. You have to face a Holy God on Judgement Day. He sees lust as adultery and hatred as murder. Will you be guilty? Jesus took your punishment on the cross and rose again, defeating death, to save you from Hell. Repent and trust in Him today. NEEDGOD.COM
Flea 2006/03/10 4:36 PM
You're the abomination Michael Do you think a loving Jesus would ever encourage the kind of bile you spew? You are a blind zealot and represent the least evolved of all human kind. Read some Richard Dawkins - religion is a meme left over from when we crawled out of the primordial ooze. If you want to preach this hate speech, please find another planet Transamerica - now that's REAL love
Frans 2006/03/13 3:42 PM
Brokeback Mountain Brokeback Mountain is the best movie I have seen in a very long time. Gone are the gay stereotypes, and gone is the superficiality of most movies. I see that some try to use this forum for fundamentalist christian rhetoric. I long for a day when christians will start to love and stop to spread hatred in this world. I say this as a devoted christian myself. I hope that soon the day will arive in which the fear for being caught which were present in the lives of Ennis and Jack, will nou longer be a factor in this world we live in today.
Charl 2006/03/14 9:17 AM
Rape,Murder,Homosexuality. Why don't we write about movies that promote murder and rape? Let us love everyone and not hate Frans? God hates sin and poured out His wrath upon Jesus because of Sin! A loving Jesus, Flea? He loved us so much that He died for us to free us from sin like murder, rape, lying,theft,homosexuality and the rest.Your jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible, but a manufactured god that suites your own lusts and passions! Repent and follow the Word of God, Jesus of the Bible! Left behind.
Ryann 2006/03/14 2:52 PM
Brokeback Mountain I went to see the movie on friday night and I must say I was a little dissapointed. Not that its a bad movie, but I had difficulty in living myself into the movie. Only near the end when they were only able to meet again 4 monts later that I felt sorry for them. Its still a good movie but I didnt even came close to sheading a tear...
Kerry 2006/03/14 10:37 PM
Brokeback Mountain - Charl go back to the cave ou crawled out of Not all that I expected to be, yet still moving and poignant. A movie that tells the sad tale of many of us out there. Charl, bible bash in the appropriate places, and read it properly - though shall not judge. Yes
Roy 2006/03/15 8:24 AM
Shame! Kerry, it actually reads : "Thou shall not judge". And it refers to two Christian brothers. Other scriptures declare to "Judge righteously" according to God's standards. You obviously don't read the Bible nor have the slightest idea what God's Word declares about sin and its consequenses.Bible bash? No, just read and believe so that you might escape the judgement to come! Remember God is going to judge these sins! Repentance !
Philip Rosenthal 2006/03/16 3:54 PM
Mr Shame on Mweb for glamourising sodomy by recommending such an immoral movie. Think about the damage and confusion this to peoples lives
Tinus 2006/03/16 6:05 PM
Brokeback Mountain Times are indeed changing! What an refreshingly honest look at the reality of being gay in the 60's. To all the bible punchers: I recommend actually seeing the movie before you judge. But please don't stop making a fuss. The more you rant and rave, the more people will want to see what the fuss is about.
billybob 2006/03/17 9:56 AM
well done! ...Ashlin Simpson - well written review. Spot on!
JP 2006/03/17 10:33 AM
Brokeback Mountain I now know why the movie won so much oscars! It is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! Brokeback Mountain!
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