Cabin Fever

2006-03-30 12:33

As a last fling after graduating, friends Jeff, Karen, Paul, Marcy and Bert embark on a vacation deep into the mountains. With the top down and the music up, they drive to a remote cabin to enjoy their last days of decadence before entering the working world. Then somebody gets sick.

Karen's skin starts to bubble and burn as something grows inside her, tunnelling beneath her flesh. The group is so repulsed, shocked and sickened watching their friend deteriorate before their eyes; they lock her in a shed to avoid infection.

As they debate about how to save her, they look at one another and realize that any one of them could also have it. What soon began as a struggle against the disease turns into a battle against friends, as the fear of contagion drives them to turn on each other.

The kids confront the terror of having to kill anyone who comes near them, even if it's their closest friend. The survivors have to find help before they're all killed by the virus, or by the local lynch mob out to destroy anyone who may have come in contact with it.

What the critics are saying:

"...the film's main problem is that it can't decide whether it's straight horror, camp pastiche, or a gross-out comedy."
- Jamie Russell, BBCi Film

"An unusually potent blend of dread, gore and gallows humor."
- Stephen Holden, New York Times

"This movie may appeal to the youthful, midnight-madness crowd, but there isn't enough in it to bestow it with classic B-movie glory."
- Desson Thomson, Washington Post

This camp, ultra gory horror film about a group of teens attacked by a deadly flesh-eating bacteria should please horror aficionados and B-movie lovers alike.

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