2007-09-21 14:14
What it's about:

Free-spirited travel writer Pippa McGee (Heather Graham) unexpectedly becomes the editor of one of her father's leading magazines "Wedding Bells". Soon the spunky adventurer discovers the world doesn't rotate around her rules, but to an entirely different set altogether.

When she realizes all her close friends have shacked up and settled down, she becomes constantly aware of her lonesome single status, and is forced to review her thoughts on relationships, especially marriage.

What we thought of it:

If you’re not a lover of romantic comedies then stay away. Cake is meant strictly for genre fans.

Pippa makes quite an impression on the audience when she literary falls from the sky in time for her friend's wedding. As a thriving travel writer who yearns to make daddy proud, she accepts the position as chief of the failing bridal magazine "Wedding Bells". But she is soon confronted with very unwelcoming staff, conservative ideas about marriage and the fluffy sparring between herself and the gorgeous attorney Ian (David Suttcliffe).Throw in a love triangle with hunky photographer Hemingway (Taye Diggs) and you've got the standard premise for a romantic comedy.

These subplots are the crux of Pippa's comical journey to finding a solution to her phobia of commitments. Graham is a delight to watch as she brings her own style of comedy to an otherwise average script. Though it should be said that we are never too sure whether Hemingway is gay or straight, this character does not do Diggs enough justice as an actor.

We all know the lesson to be learnt – that settling down isn't always a bad thing – and the lesson will be learnt before the credits roll. There is no surprise ending, yet Cake still manages to steal your heart. It's great for a girls' night out.

- Thobeka Linda
A care-free travel writer faces her greatest challenge when she becomes the editor of bridal magazine "Wedding Bells". But she soon realizes it's the perfect opportunity to come to terms with her phobia of commitments.

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