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"Camp" is a musical comedy about a group of youngsters who gather together for another summer at Camp Ovation, a refuge in upstate New York that nurtures aspiring performers.

This year, the arrival of camp heartthrob Vlad (Daniel Letterle) gets everyone's juices flowing. There's the pretty, but shy, Ellen (Joanna Chilcoat); the oversensitive Michael (Robin De Jesus); the stuck up Jill (Alana Allen); the tormented, overweight Jenna (Tiffany Taylor); the scheming Fritzi (Anna Kendrick); and the beautiful Dee (Sasha Allen).

In awe of the camp's guest instructor, Bert Hanley (Don Dixon), Vlad is crushed to discover that he has become a bitter, cynical alcoholic. Amidst the raging hormones and daily melodramas, the kids must nonetheless concentrate on the task at hand, which includes staging the summer's final production.

Determined not to succumb to Bert's negative influence, Vlad convinces the kids to stage a performance that will inspire everyone.

What the critics are saying:

"And while Camp doesn't have the polish of a big-budget musical like Chicago, it's got twice the wit and infinitely more heart. Oh, and better singing."
- Stella Papamichael, BBCi Film

"May be rickety, formulaic, overacted and tonally wobbly, but its spark of enthusiasm is so infectious that you have to love it for its faults."
- Stephen Holden, New York Times

"Fame may seem silly in retrospect, but Camp, with its dippy dialogue and characters revealing even less complexity than the ones from 42nd Street, arrives silly."
- Terry Lawson, Detroit Free Press

First time writer / director Todd Graff lacks the professional sheen of Hollywood, but makes up for it twice over with enthusiasm.

sarah 2007/07/30 4:31 PM
camp i loved the movie it was so cool and i wish to see it every time it comes on
sarah 2007/07/30 4:32 PM
camp i loved the movie it was so cool and i wish to see it every time it comes on and i love the guy who played vlad he is so hott
jenna 2007/11/10 7:56 AM
camp i loved that movie i thought it was soooooo cool and Vlad was so cool i could watch it sooo many times
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