Cheaper by the Dozen 2

2006-07-10 18:24


Steve Martin returns as the proud patriarch of the Baker family. This time, all twelve Baker kids and their parents, Tom (Martin) and Kate (Bonnie Hunt), are going on vacation, returning to their summer cabin in Wisconsin for one last hurrah before the kids grow up and go their separate ways.

As the family arrives at their old house, however, they realize that some things have changed-and some things never do. Tom's old high school rival, Jimmy Murtaugh (Eugene Levy) is now the big man about town, raising his large family in a huge home across the lake from the Bakers'. The longstanding competition between the two families-or at least that of the fathers--mounts over the course of their vacation, as the two men resort to ever nastier tactics of one-upsmanship.

It all comes to a head when the two families face off in a canoeing race, during which they are faced with a decision between loyalty to family and friends, and the competitive edge.

What the critics are saying:

"Virtually everything about this "cheaper" production feels hurried along to meet its lucrative release date. This is one to miss."
- Michael Rechtshaffen, The Star

"This messy blend of silly slapstick and oversentimentality probably won't please children, teenagers or adults."
- Laura Kern, New York Times

"Heed my warning: Unless you guys stop going en masse to movies like the first Cheaper by the Dozen, genuinely funny people like Hunt, Martin and Levy will forever be forced to pay their heating bills doing bland franchise fillers like this."
- Gene Seymour, Newsday

"Cheaper" perfectly sums up this cynical sequel to the most ludicrously (and undeservedly) successful "comedy" of 2003. To waste a solid cast on a film like this is nothing short of criminal.

Andre Jardim 2006/05/09 2:59 PM
Cheaper by the budget It's old Steve Martin again - and sadly, he doesn't get better with age. Neither it seems does the films he acts in. This felt like a very long and drawn out episode of the TV sitcom "Full House" towards the end of it's running, when it had become tired, and silly, and just plain bloody unfunny and preachy. Cheaper 2 is exactly the same. Give it a rest Mr Martin - I certainly hope you do not plan to afflict us with a dozen Dozens!
Michael 2007/01/06 3:42 PM
Cheaper by the dozen 2 I can fully agree in saying that this movie was an utter waste of money, time and effort( going all the way to the video store to get it!). I would have honestly rather spent my money buying a blank video tape( what i would do with it i have no idea, as i dont have a video machine!)(just to get my point thought!)
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