College Road Trip

2008-06-20 17:24
What it's about:

Melanie Porter (Raven-Symoné) wants to live her own live and attend Georgetown University. But her overprotective cop father, Chief James Porter (Martin Lawrence), wants his overachieving daughter to stay close to home. When Melanie is invited for an interview at Georgetown, her father refuses to let her travel with her best friends and instead drives her himself in a borrowed police van. Along the way, disaster after disaster strikes.

What we thought of it:

Forty minutes into this torturous crap, your mind wonders off to other more important things you could be doing instead.

Ludicrously predictable scenes take the fun out of College Road Trip as it relies an awful lot on slap stick comedy and becomes dry. Disaster strikes, people run around, food is splattered blah blah YAWN!

We know Martin Lawrence can deliver, but in this particular film he's not convincing at all. Instead, it looks like he's taken acting lessons from Raven-Symoné, who still thinks she's on the set of her TV series That so Raven (2003-2007). College Road Trip is an 82-minute feature film, but 20 minutes into the film you'll feel like a bored child in the back of a car, wondering: "Are we there yet?"

- Oriana Tshabalala

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Ludicrously predictable scenes take the fun out of College Road Trip.

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