Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

2006-03-30 12:39

Suddenly catapulted into the mall-dwelling teenage wilderness of New Jersey, New York City girl Lola (Lindsay Lohan) feels like her life has come to an abrupt halt. Longing for a return to the bright lights of the metropolis, her only salvation from the monotony of suburban life is the music of her favorite rock band, Sidarthur.

Fortunately for Lola, she meets Ella (Alison Pill), a fellow Sidarthur fan, who provides a modicum of intelligent life amongst the petty, scornful cliques that dominate her new high school. However, Lola's big-city attitude puts her in a heap of trouble, especially when she crosses paths with the most popular girl in school, Carla (Megan Fox).

Keen to usurp Carla from her high-and-mighty position, Lola sets out to take the much-desired lead in the school play, a position her archrival desperately covets. But when Sidarthur announces it is breaking up and playing a sold-out farewell show in New York City, a ticketless Lola makes it her mission to travel back to her own personal Mecca, see the performance, and meet her number one crush, singer Stu Wolff (Adam Garcia).

But with Carla hot on her heels, and in possession of a ticket for the concert, Lola soon finds that she's up against a lot more than she bargained for.

What the critics are saying:

"Lindsay Lohan stars in this modest, mildly engaging film as a proudly bohemian resident of Greenwich Village who is transplanted to a prosperous suburb in New Jersey."
- Dave Kehr, New York Times

"...stuck in a creative no man's land: nothing ventured, nothing gained, nothing worth watching."
- Nev Pierce, BBCi Film

"Supported by Lindsay Lohan's effervescent performance, Drama Queen has a fun flair for the dramatics but ultimately is a piece of fluff targeted to a limited audience."
- Kit Bowen,

This well meaning but average teen comedy proves, at the very least, that cameras everywhere are still deeply in love with the bright-eyed and infectiously charming Lindsay Lohan. Pre-teen girls will, no doubt, swoon at the very sight of her, and she makes the movie almost watchable for everyone else - but only almost.

Falon 2004/09/28 2:28 PM
The funniest cat!!!! Everybody loves Garfield coz,he has attitude and always thinks on the wild side. The movie teaches you to live life to the fullest even if you are scared. Get in touch with your feelings and express them. The movie itself is Hillarious!!!! They should Defenitly make a SEQUAL!!!!!!!!!! Euro Trip
Ayanda 2004/10/09 10:34 AM
From a book while i was on holiday I was reading a book called confessions of a teenage drama queen and i realy liked and when I came back from the holiday I was delighted to see that some people have turned it into a movie and if the book was great the movie will be aswell I, Robot
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