Cosmic Africa

2006-03-30 12:10

'I know so much about the stars, yet I know so little about my own continent and how my people are connected to the sky.'

With these words astronomer Thebe Medupe embarks on a quest to reunite his science with the origins of celestial knowledge. His journey takes him to the ancestral lands of the Ju/'hoansi in Namibia, whose ancient creation myths link terrestrial mysteries with the movements of the stars; to the Dogon of Mali, whose night sky maps provide signposts on how to live on earth; and deep into the Sahara desert, where a cosmic clock attests to the African origins of astronomy.

A beautifully shot, densely layered meditation on the influence of the cosmos on our daily lives.

What the critics are saying:

"...this immensely complex and rich subject matter is reduced to a bitty, superficial overview."
- Barry Ronge, Sunday Times

"...a very interesting, compelling film..."

"...the film failed in it's stated objective, of exploring ancient knowledge of the stars."
- Ian Douglas, The Movie Site

A locally made documentary about a South African astronomer's quest to reconcile his academic knowledge with the ancient roots of African astronomy.

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