2007-08-02 16:50
What it’s about:

Chev Chelios ( Jason Statham) isn’t a nice man - he kills people for a living. But this morning his career has finally caught up with him. He wakes up to find he has been poisoned by a local thug, and only has an hour to live. Desperate to survive, and take his revenge, Chev discovers that the only thing that will keep his heart beating is a steady supply of adrenaline. And what better way to get the blood pumping than car wrecks, gunfights, hard drugs and sex?

What we thought of it:

It’s official. Jason Statham is a cartoon character. If you weren’t convinced after seeing him ramp cars between skyscrapers in Transporter 2, you will be after seeing him shoot, snort, shag and bitch slap half the population of Los Angeles, all in under 90 minutes. As reprobate fantasies go, you don’t get much more gleeful than Crank, nor much more belligerent or stupid.

In many ways Crank may be the ultimate in “high-concept” film. Most action flicks have to keep inventing reasons to shoot people or blow stuff up, but Crank has it built in from the start. And it certainly makes the most out of its get-out-of-jail-free card. Nothing is taboo for this movie. Hard drugs? Yes, please. Torture? You bet. Sex in public? Check!

And yet, for all the frenetic action, there’s nothing particularly new or exciting about this hollow, nihilistic film. Granted it’s sometimes hard to tell, since directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor seem so intent on reinforcing all the stereotypes about music video directors. There’s no camera angle too extreme, no cut too rapid and no filter to yellow for these two. It’s as though they watched the over-stylised trainwreck that was Tony Scott’s Domino and thought “That guy isn’t trying hard enough!”

The directors, who both suffer from A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder), describe their movie, without any apparent irony, as “the ultimate A.D.D. movie”. That would certainly account for their lack of attention to details like credible acting and plot development, but not for the callous bloodthirstiness. Everything and everyone in Crank is expendable – including the main character – so what is there to be excited about? They’re all so much cattle to the slaughter after all.

No doubt 15-year-old boys will think this is the coolest movie they have ever seen, though ironically they aren’t officially old enough to watch it. The rest of us are likely to see this nasty, puerile piece of work for what it is – a tiresome gimmick that quickly overstays its welcome.

- Alistair Fairweather
Watching this gleefully psychotic film is a bit like teasing a pit-bull - all very amusing until someone gets bitten in the face.

Carl 2007/04/25 8:22 AM
Alistair I some times think that critics miss the point! I want Puerile/nasty and gimmicky, because if it wasnt, it would simlpy be the SABC news. Which is filled with murder, rough sex etc
Boogeyman 2007/04/25 8:55 AM
I enjoyed it This was a good movie..u could do a lot worse. Good plot and serious action. The critics should ease up a bit.
dustin 2007/05/02 11:38 PM
not that bad well i get the reviewers point, jason shud really choose better roles! this movie is not that good, entertaining though. so if u looking for 90 mins of music videos, then see this. i did.
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