Creature 3D

2014-09-12 10:24
What's it about:

Creature 3D is India's first 3D monster thriller film and is intended to scare the audience with a massive creature, which has been crafted using visual effects.

What the critics say:

Deep in the swampy hearts and minds of some filmmakers, embarrassing stereotypes still fester, gathering moss and slime.
- Ethan Gilsdorf, Boston Globe

With dependably creepy character actor Sid Haig to goose things along as leader of the locals, Creature is delightfully dopey.
- Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times

Doesn't throw in the kind of wit that can turn a formulaic creature feature into a pleasant diversion along the lines of "Lake Placid."
- Neil Genzlinger, New York Times

The script (if one was ever finished), was seemingly passed through a paper shredder, tossed in the air then randomly taped back together.
- Corey Hall, Metro Times (Detroit, MI)

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