2006-03-30 13:15


London, midnight, on a cold evening. Unable to find a taxi, Kate (Franka Potente) heads for the Underground. She takes a seat away from the crowd of late-night revellers and waits for the last train. Before long she drifts off to sleep... and wakes to find everyone gone. She momentarily panics until another train pulls in. She boards, unnerved that she's the only passenger, but relieved at last to be on her way. Halfway through the tunnel the train jerks to a violent halt. The lights shut off and the train is plunged into darkness. Kate screams... she is trapped, in the dark... and she is not alone... her nightmare has only just begun.

What the critics are saying:

"Hardcore horror fans might wring some enjoyment from the action, but if you want real Friday night frights look elsewhere."
- Nev Pierce, BBC Movies

"Light on plot and almost entirely devoid of logic, the movie still manages to deliver a heaping handful of grisly goods...if, like me, you're into that sort of thing."
- Scott Weinberg,

" a sort of Halloween clone set underground, the film works."
- David Nusair, Reel Film Reviews

A gristly horror film set in the London Underground that should please fans of gore, but may repel casual viewers.

Charlie 2005/09/12 11:13 AM
Too Boring... If you're a horror flick fanatic and you are looking for something that'll scare the pants right off you...then i'm afraid this is not the movie to watch. The storyline is weak...& depressing. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Robs 2007/01/12 2:24 PM
Boring Fell asleep before the end.
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