2006-05-03 16:05


The hot and humid village of Babahoyo, Ecuador is besieged by an elusive serial killer. The police have no clues but this mystery has become an obsession for Miami-based tabloid television reporter Manolo Bonilla (John Leguizamo) who is convinced breaking this story will make him a star. He has travelled to the remote village to find the "Monster of Babahoyo" and uncover the killer's true identity.

When Vinicio Cepeda (Damian Alcazar), a travelling salesman, accidentally runs over a child, an angry mob led by the child's father, Don Lucho (Henry Layana), attacks him in the streets. Both Vinicio and Don Lucho are arrested. Manolo, who happens to be present during the incident, interviews both men. Vinicio tells Manolo that he has information about the "Monster," but in exchange for it, he wants Manolo to do a story exposing his unjust arrest to sway public opinion.

After checking out Vinicio's information, Manolo immediately suspects that Vinicio himself could be the killer, but chooses not to tell the corrupt local authorities; he'd rather use the information to make a great story for his show.

How far will Bonilla go to get his story? Where is the line between a journalist revealing the truth and inventing it?

What the critics are saying:

"Writer-director Sebastian Cordero keeps the moral conundrums on low boil while allowing the ominous, sweltering atmosphere to seep beneath your skin."
- Gene Seymour, Newsday

"Cronicas is the kind of movie that grabs you while you're watching, even if later you wish it had grabbed a little harder."
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"Reasonably absorbing and a provocative if familiar commentary on media manipulation, with Leguizamo terrific in a serious, intense performance."
- Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

A compelling and unsettling modern fable about an unscrupulous TV reporter who, in his eagerness to expose a serial killer, uses his medium to further his own goals.

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