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Daddy Day Camp

2008-01-15 11:15
What it's about:

Charlie Hinton and his right hand man Phil Ryerson are back in the silly sequel to Daddy Day Care. This time the dads decide to buy the aptly-named, rundown, summer day camp, Camp Driftwood, to spend more time with their sons instead of sending them to the trendy Camp Canola. But when the clueless pair face a facility that's falling apart, declining enrolment numbers and foreclosure, Charlie is forced to call on his estranged father, Colonel Buck Hinton.

What we thought of it:

While Daddy Day Camp might have the noblest of intentions as a movie crammed with moral lessons such as friendship, loyalty and good sportsmanship, it's drenched in a stale plot and garnished with dismal acting.

The routine story line has been rehashed so many times in preceding family movies not even the kids will be fooled by this clichéd tale of do-good camaraderie. Although there are moments of hilarity, nothing can save this B-rate movie from its 1 star status, not even the star-studded cast.

Behind the camera, Fred Savage (that kid from The Wonder Years) makes his directorial debut. But maybe the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated comedian should stick to acting and give up the director's chair to seasoned professionals whose comic timing is a little more in tune with theatrical films than 30-minute Disney Channel series'.

Another disappointment is Cuba Gooding Jnr. Why he keeps unintelligently choosing appalling roles such as Charlie Hinton in Daddy Day Camp, Ted in Snow Dogs and Darrin in The Fighting Temptations only the Oscar-winning actor will know. Let's hope he can redeem himself in the upcoming action Hero Wanted.

It's shocking when adolescent co-stars outshine their veteran colleagues, and it appears the kids had more fun than the adults with their characters.

As a final warning, if you're not under the age of 10, you won't enjoy Daddy Day Camp. But the 10P age restriction probably means you'll be forced to watch it with your kids. Or you could pay the babysitter to.

- Megan Kakora
Trying to salvage a decaying Summer Camp isn't always a great idea. Trying to make a movie about salvaging a decaying Summer Camp is an even worse one.

YEYELICIOUS 2007/10/16 11:43 AM
NO TRAILERS Why is it that whenever I try to watch a trailer it doesn't play.
melissa 2007/12/01 12:06 PM
dady day camp yay
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