Daddy's Little Girls

2008-04-09 15:57
What it's about:

Monty (Idris Elba) is a single father struggling to make ends meet as he raises his three young daughters on his own. But when custody is handed over to his raunchy, drug-dealing ex-wife Cynthia (Tracee Ellis Ross), a devastated Monty tries everything in his power to win them back. He convinces Julia (Gabrielle Union), a gorgeous but up-tight attorney he met as a chauffeur, to help him win the case. Their relationship soon grows into something more than just work. But being worlds apart they are forced to put their differences aside to make their relationship work.

What we thought of it:

As in his first movie, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Tyler Perry attempts to teach us valuable life lessons in Daddy's Little Girls. Contrary to what we've been seeing in films and the media about black men always taking-off and leaving their wives and kids to fend for themselves, Tyler Perry shows us there are men who are just as passionate about their children as mothers are, and in some cases are better off with their fathers.

But Daddy's Little Girls is not only about fatherhood – it tackles so many other issues. For example, Monty and Julia's relationship draws attention to the difficulties men often experience when dating women who earn more than they do as well as how hard it is to maintain a relationship when you are from two different worlds – the hood and suburbia. It's also about a man who's been wronged by an unjust system.

Daddy's Little Girls shows the other side of American lifestyle – American "townships" for instance. This is something we rarely see in the exaggerated glamorous lifestyles of music videos and high-school comedies.

Though Tyler Perry has moved away from the usual depressing stereotypes about black men, he loses focus half way through, and the movie is suddenly no longer about Monty and his girls, but instead focuses on his attempts to woo Julia. Perry also doesn't adequately deal with the social issues he's trying to highlight. He makes it seem as if complex problems can be solved overnight, forgetting life isn't that easy and it certainly isn't a fairytale.

But the movie is held together by a brilliant cast. Julia is the strongest character in the film and Union's ability to portray her so seemingly effortlessly is awe-inspiring. Elba also plays a very convincing single dad whose struggle we can all identify with. The chemistry between Elba and Union seems so natural you'll forget they're on set. But the actresses who really lighten the mood and make us laugh in this very serious movie are Monty's three daughters. The girls are much better comedians than Madea. You'll be happy to know that Perry keeps his flimsy character out of this film, and in doing so achieves remarkable results.

- Tiisetso Tlelima
Tyler Perry gives us another one of his heartfelt sermons: a warm and touching story about one man's struggle to keep his three daughters away from their skanky, hoochie mama's claws.

yayaa 2007/11/03 1:46 PM
daddy's girls indeed The movie is fly but a little bit emotional. i must say i enjoyed it and would really go watch it again Its must see i must say Tyler's good.
lincoln 2007/11/05 12:22 AM
mnr subtle
boitumelo 2007/11/05 7:04 PM
daddies little girl boitumelo
Sato 2008/02/22 5:14 PM
Daddy's little girls I think the movie is great. Tyler Perry tells stories of interest and that most people can relate to. I like the way he shows the different aspects of the story without dwelling on each too long, else he'd have to make three movies or more telling the same story. I agree with Tiisetso on the part of telling the other side of the story wrt women being the ones who abondon their families and being the abusive ones in the family. Ehen it comes to Elba and Union's relationship, it is not as easy as it sems in the movie. Should'nt be but it is, especially with men. They usually get intimidated by successful and confident women! (Stereotype- sori- but generally true)
nozipho 2008/04/03 3:53 PM
why did I get married I really believe that Perry is one of the strongest African American man,who speaks about life as a whole and who faces reality,whether the truth hurts or not,I give him 99% for all his effort!!!
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