Dance Flick

2009-09-17 15:06

What it's about:

The storylines of various popular dance movies are thrown together in a blender, with some fart jokes and the Wayans Brothers thrown in for free.

What we thought:

Spoof movies used to be fun. Remember Carmen Electra's slow-mo running scene in the original Scary Movie? That was some ROFL kind of stuff.

So what happened? Dance Flick tries all the in-house tricks – projectile vomits, celebrity jokes, caricatures – but comes across as absurdly lame and lazy.

What little of a plot there is takes its main cue from Save the Last Dance and You Got Served. Shoshana Bush plays Megan White, the ballet dancer who moves to the slums with her dad and starts attending Musical High School. The male lead, Thomas, is played by the newest member of the Wayans clan, Damon Wayans Jr. While he probably is a lot funnier than this, it was a bad choice to make his big screen debut in this deplorable effort from his uncles.

The point of a spoof movie has been totally lost here. Generally you take the original line/scene, copy it incorrectly, and make fun of its serious nature or characters. Many of the lines are taken straight from Save The Last Dance – for example:

Thomas: This ain't no square dance.
Megan: That's alright, I can dance in circles, probably around you.

There's so much room to tear this apart, yet out of laziness or a lack of imagination, they've left the scene as is. All the intended humour is left up to slapstick gags instead of relying, at least partly, on clever scripting. But how can it be so bad when such a hilarious family is behind this? Maybe it's true – mixing family with business is a recipe for disaster.  

I can't tell you much more about the film – not because I don't want to 'spoil' it for you – but because I walked out after an hour.  If you've got R35 to play around with, go hire White Chicks or Not Another Teen Movie before subjecting yourself to this gag-worthy fart fest. And yes, that is a zero-star rating you see on the right.

The Wayans brothers are getting lazy. Their latest flop has ruined the spoof movie forever.

Joanne 2009/09/14 8:40 AM
I still want to see it, the Wayans family is so funny! Probably one that is so lame it makes me laugh due to the ultra lameness. Can't be as bad as REMEMBER THE SPARTANS (also with Carmen Electra)
Leon 2009/09/14 3:00 PM
Their movies have been getting progressively wose since Scary Movie, this one will probably be the end for them..... I HOPE
Old Fart 2009/09/14 3:27 PM
Farting is great,,as long as there is a storyline,,,,agree with the article, anyone can fart ,,,, its a make mor money honey movie now !!!! BOTTOM line more money,,it sucks ,,
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