2006-03-30 13:13


An ordinary American family moves to a large, creaky Victorian home in the Spanish countryside that, unbeknownst to them, was the scene of some awful experiments on the night of a total eclipse 40 years before. Teenage daughter Regina (Anna Paquin) decides to investigate after unexplained bruises show up on her younger brother (Stephen Enquist), and her father (Iain Glen) displays oddly enraged and erratic behaviour.

Although her mother (Lena Olin) and her grandfather (Giancarlo Giannini) refuse to believe her, Regina is convinced that something within their new home is the cause of the trouble. As another eclipse looms, Regina enlists the help of her new boyfriend (Fele Martinez) and uncovers truths that could literally destroy her family.

What the critics are saying:

"Director Juame Balaguero has all the right ingredients - evil spirits, haunted house, Satanic incantations - but no idea how to cook them, resulting in a stodgy and inedible stew that's a recipe for boredom."
- Neil Smith, BBC Movies

"Although director Balaguero displays a talent for spooky visuals and creating an atmosphere of quietly simmering tension, his screenplay (co-written by Fernando de Felipe) is a compendium of barely connected scenes that ultimately lapse into incoherence."
- Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

"Offers no inventive takes on its characters, shows no fearsome new way of presenting a haunted house and elicits not one palpitation from audiences paying for a few good jolts."
- Ned Martel, New York Times

A bargain basement plot makes this horror about as scary as cold oatmeal.

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