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Death at a Funeral (2007)

2010-06-22 08:47
What it's about:

On the morning of his father's funeral everything goes wrong for Daniel. His charming and famous novelist brother jets in from New York to deliver the eulogy, his cousin's new fiancé accidentally takes hallucinogenic drugs and a mysterious mourner threatens to unveil an earth-shattering secret about his father unless the family cuts him in on the inheritance.

It's up to the brothers with their unresolved sibling rivalries to hide their father's secret from family and friends while trying to give him a dignified send off.

What we thought of it:

Director Frank Oz promises laughs in the opening credits of Death at a Funeral... and he delivers!

Mix a small person with a scandalous secret about a deceased patriarch, a nervous son-in-law-to-be on hallucinogenic drugs, a psychoneurotic cousin, a senile potty-mouthed uncle, add a dash of wit and British decorum, and round off with a few sprinkles of prejudice and voila, you have this year's funniest comedy!

As with really good comedies the plot is simple, with quirky characters keeping this fast-paced story moving forward. British actors are renowned for their dead-on comedic timing, and this is undisputed in Death at a Funeral. Alan Tudyk's physical gags are fantastic and Peter Dinklage is simply perfect as the blackmailing dwarf. Jane Asher's performance as the quietly grieving widow is superb. (Watch out for her dry retort to her daughter-in-law.)

The comedy is a bit crude at times, those who aren't fans of toilet humor might be disgusted at one or two scenes. But, otherwise, this hilarious black comedy will have you in stitches throughout.

Death at a Funeral is undoubtedly the best comedy of the year: it's witty, fast-paced and utterly hilarious, eliciting the kind of laughter that unexpectedly erupts from the deepest bellies of your soul. Don't miss it!

- Eddie Vulani Maluleke
Hilarious chaos ensues when a dysfunctional British family gathers to bury their beloved patriarch.

Steve Norris 2007/09/27 11:10 AM
Death at a Funeral My girlfriend and I hate the unfortunate luck to see a free screening of this farce (even free was too high a cost). There were guffaws and laughter alright. This movie certainly panders to the low brow hick that it was created for. British Humour has been dying a slow death ever since Benny Hill and his slapstick skits tortured our TV sets so many years ago. Death at a Funeral continues this slapstick formula with a sickening plot and un-funny gags of the highest order. Frank Oz (the director of such hits as “Muppets in Space”) has weaved together a disjointed tale with multiple plot lines, all fizzling out near the end with quick resolves and little sense. Scat “humour” and drugged Midgets prevail but not even for one shining second is any of this funny or logical. There is even an attempt to hide a dead body during one of the weaker scenes, supposedly trying to fake us into a false sense of empathy for the characters and their situations. Wrong. If your IQ is above 80 or more, avoid
michelle magson 2007/09/28 9:32 AM
Death At A Funeral I have not yet seen this movie, but I would like to mention that Benny Hill was The Man! So if the humour in this movie is similar, I wot it may well be worth a viewing ... Not everything has to be deep hun .....
robyn 2007/11/28 10:27 PM
a scot supporting the english! Amazing, wonderful, excellent British Humour!!
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