Deliver Us from Evil

2014-07-18 13:04
What it’s about:

Exorcism, a past that haunts him and a family hanging on by a thread, this is the true story of big apple police Officer Ralph Sarchie working a case that changed his life.

Starting off in the war torn Middle East with a mysterious incident and landing back in New York this is a supernatural thriller with a few horror-like moments thrown in. So there’s less blood and guts and more holding your breath for a big scare. Much like The Conjuring everything only really happens at the end of the movie.

What we thought:

This film’s writers and director have clearly worked hard to frighten the audience with lots of dead quiet moments followed by a big boom or reveal but most times it was ineffectively contrived.

And it’s not because the actors delivered a bad performance or that there was anything wrong on a technical level but more because it has all been done before and worse still: seen on screen before.

There was also no/little chemistry between Ralph and his wife (Jen) which is a problem, because believing in them as a couple is pivotal to a subplot in the film.

In fact, there’s more chemistry between Butler (the resident sidekick/partner) and Ralph than between this husband and wife. Mendoza (a priest who helps Officer Sarchie deal with the maelstrom he finds himself in) delivers my favourite performance of the movie. He’s believable as a man has seen darkness like this before. His sage wisdom does more than save a few souls, it saves the film.

Overall, this movie is worth a watch if you’re in need of a good date movie because it has a feel good factor at the end after a hit-and-miss rollercoaster of scares.

But, that being said, if you can go watch another film, do it.

Deliver us from this movie about possession.
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