Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

2006-03-30 13:20


Deuce Bigalow (Rob Schneider), once the world's most inept male prostitute, has given up man whoring to pursue his first love - studying fish. Things are going well until an unfortunate incident involving elderly blind people and dolphins. Wanting to keep a low profile Deuce jumps at the chance to visit his old pimp T.J. Hicks (Eddie Griffin) in Amsterdam. But his holiday turns serious when the city's man-whores start getting killed off by a mysterious and deadly client. After T.J. becomes a suspect, Deuce decides to go undercover as a prosti-dude and track down the killer she-john to save his wrongfully accused friend.


In the world of "gross-out" comedies there's a thin line between hilarious and just plain disgusting. The first Deuce Bigalow walked this line quite successfully, coming across as more of a sweet natured love story than a true gross-out movie. The sequel, on the other hand, jumps head first into "gross" and keeps going until it reaches "so absolutely nauseating you can't finish your popcorn".

Need some examples? At one point Eddie Griffin's character drops a carton of chips into an open toilet. Unperturbed he proceeds to pick them out of the bowl and eat them, sucking off the toilet water with relish. Later Deuce goes on a dinner date with a Russian girl from Chernobyl who has a penis - yes a penis - instead of a nose. Thankfully she wears a veil, but this flimsy cloth can't protect neighbouring patrons when she begins to sneeze all over them. And the list goes on...

Still, there are times when you just can't help chuckling. Rob Schneider is a natural comedian and, despite his limited repertoire, has a gift for engaging goofiness that approaches the great Richard Pryor. But these moments are fairly few and far between, buried as they are under reams of sewer humour and clumsy sexual innuendo. The script has some flashes of great inventiveness like T.J.'s canal barge, "The Pimp of Da Sea", with built in hydraulics to allow for gangsta-style "bouncing". But the majority of the time it merely riffs on the same jokes as the first film. Phrases like "man-whore", "prosti-dude" and "man-gina" were funny in the first film, but they are overused in the sequel, becoming tedious in their crassness.

Schneider, who co-wrote the script, seems to have misunderstood the success of the first film. It wasn't Deuce's weirdly deformed or disturbed clients, or the gross moments, or even the smutty sex jokes that made the first film such a winner - it was Deuce himself. In his bungling vulnerability, his well meaning but utterly inept escapades, people found a sympathetic clown, someone they could laugh at but also someone with whom they could identify. In the sequel that vulnerability is completely overpowered by the filmmakers' urge to up the stakes and cram more jokes and more crassness into its 80 odd minutes. Instead of sweet Deuce now comes across as vapid, his ineptness more irritating than endearing.

Is it worth seeing? Not unless you're a huge Schneider fan, or have a very strong stomach (preferably both). There are far funnier things on circuit at the moment - see Kung Fu Hustle or even Crazy Monkey before you see this. For goodness sake don't let your 13-year-olds anyway near it. They may legally be able to get in, but dinnertime conversation will never be the same afterwards.

- Alistair Fairweather

Male prostitutes, racial slurs and bodily fluids rule the day in what is easily the most disgusting film of the year. Still, if you can stomach the passages of vileness you'll get a few chuckles out of the film.

Angelique 2005/10/11 10:06 AM
Ms It's not too bad .Just what a person need after a long day at ork or after shopping. Wedding Crashes
PHIL 2005/10/11 1:40 PM
Duece Bigalow - They should not allow movies like this on the circuit. Repulsive and gross
Jan Beyers 2005/10/18 7:30 PM
UNIMAGINATIVE Really low class trash. Seems as if someone had an repulsive idea to put the rest of the world off relationships forever! Crazy Monkey - Straight outta Benoni
CJ 2005/10/19 11:55 AM
Deuce Bigalow - European Gigalo I refuse to see a movie like this because of its content and the disappointing attempt at humour. Sadly, most Americans take great pleasure out of seeing another person in a situation that can only be described as "disgusting". Pity our movie theatres are pelted with this type of nonsense! Four Brothers
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