Die Hard 4.0

2007-10-02 12:22
What it’s about:

John McClane (Bruce Willis) has to dust off his hand cannon once again when a group of cyber terrorists shut down the U.S. of A. The terrorists, under command of Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) and his martial artist lass Mai Lihn (Maggie Q ), are simultaneously trying to hunt down and kill Matt Farrell (Justin Long) who is being protected by none other than mister McClane.

What we thought of it:

Predictably, this film has no shortage of impressive action sequences. Despite the fact that we don’t watch the Die Hard series for a sense of reality, some of the stunts and sequences are so bombastic that they border on parody of the action genre. Don’t get me wrong, I like action as much as any pop-corn munching cinemaniac, but I prefer a level of credibility. Casino Royale pulled it off successfully, as has the Bourne franchise so far; even Batman Returns lent a level of authenticity to its action sequences. This lack of realism could be due to director Wiseman’s previous directing duties being limited to the two Underworld flicks.

As far as Die Hard villains go, Gabriel comes nowhere near to the charisma of the original’s legendary Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) or even his poisonous brother Simon (Jeremy Irons) seen marinating in evil in Die Hard with a Vengeance. As forThomas Gabrielhe’s mostly just there. Evil? Not sure. Motivated? Yes. Forgettable? Unfortunately. This is not to say he doesn’t have some winning lines and quirky reaction shots, but in the book of villains, he’s no Dr Evil.

Even the henchmen only manage to impress on the action (and not the acting) front. Maggie Q has some impressive fighting scenes, yet is one of the main reasons of the above-mentioned credibility problems (I won’t ruin it for you, but trust me, you’ll see what I mean). The incredibly impressive French stuntman Cyril Raffaeli is the exception to this statement; although his inclusion in the cast seems to have been prompted by the jaw-dropping acrobatics ofCasino Royale’s Sebastien Foucan.

Willis obviously relishes playing the character that made him an A-lister. Yet McClane is no longer the foul-mouthed rebel of yesteryear. He’s toned down his tongue severely, which is fine by me, although it does detract in the yippee-kai-yay front.

Similarly, since Die Hard with a Vengeance, it seems McClane’s been getting by with a little help from his friends.. His trusty the trusty sidekick this time around, is a young hacker played by Justin Long who learns a thing or two about caring for others courtesy of McClane.

Compared to the Die Hard films so far, this one is slightly below part 3 but better than part 2, with the original still leading the pack convincingly. Nonetheless, it’s enjoyable to see McClane on our silver screens one more time, along with his fellow 80’s iconic actioners Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. Welcome back John… Yippee kayyay….

-Evert Lombaert
An enjoyable if unremarkable return to the world of John McClane. Hey, at least it's better than the second movie.

Leon 2007/07/09 1:22 PM
Unrated Not to worry about John not being foul mouhted, there will be an unrated version out on dvd, as you can clearly see some dialogue was dubbed!
Benji 2007/07/10 10:20 AM
Good Ill give it an enjoyable 7/10, the action sequences will be a bit over the top and one shouldn’t expect it not to be these days… the interplay between Willis and Long totally made the movie, great comedic timing. Laughed more in Die Hard 4.0 than I did in Shrek3. I agree about the bad guy, yeah he was reaaaaly scary :p Oh, and nice cameo by Kevin Smith!
fuzzy 2007/07/10 12:17 PM
sigh personally i think it was totaly boring... walked out half way though the movie... total waste of time... money would have been better spent renting the previous Die Hard movies.
Julie 2007/07/16 3:47 PM
Well Done Personally, I liked the bad guy - he showed love for his woman and passion for his beliefs - he was doing it to prove a point, he did not see it as murder. I actually felt sorry for him at times and this made the movie more intense for me. The action was great and I LOVED Bruce and the quirkie computer geek! Did I miss the part where Bruce said his trademark "Jippee Kayjai......" because I was waiting for it the whole time but heard nothing?
simi 2007/07/19 10:44 AM
bruce its about 10 years later and NOW Die Hard 4.0 was released!! but none the less the movie was excellent enjoyed every minute of it. i was totally impressed with the action sequences.
bushy 2007/08/23 12:30 PM
die hard 4.0 well done bruce die hard 4.0 rocks. i love bad guys as well bcoz they sometimes do nasty things but they know how to do they things professional.
Tink 2007/08/29 12:15 PM
Go see it! This is an awesome, action packed movie. Just as good as the original. Go see it!
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