Die Pro

2015-09-18 09:07

What it's about:

Tiaan Nothnagel is a young surfer who’s come to terms with the accidental death of his best friend, Dirkie Lawrence, just before their last year at school. After Dirkie's death, Tiaan swears off surfing for good, since he can’t stand to be reminded of everything that he and Dirkie shared. Dirkie's twin sister, who went to live with her father after her parents split up, arrives in town on a mission: to be selected to go on Wave-Seekers, a World Surf Tour that Tiaan and Dirkie dreamed of doing. For her to succeed, she needs Tiaan's help, and, for that, he needs to get back on his surfboard.

What we thought:

I was excited to watch Die Pro, not only because I’m a sucker for surfer movies, but also because this locally produced flick shows off some of South Africa’s best beaches.

While the main storyline was good the plot sometimes goes astray. Like the somewhat forced storyline of Tiaan’s (Edwin van der Walt) counsellor, Geyer, who ends up in rehab.

Although Neels van Jaarsveldt gives a stellar performance his addition to the movie feels more like a chess move than a crucial contribution to what is mostly a teen movie.

The only other thing that bothered was the flow of the film which was hindered by awkward pauses and scenes that were dragged out too long leaving behind uncomfortable silences.

But now on to the good stuff.

Die Pro is a fun, sun-soaked, sexy flick that any young aspiring surfer will absolutely love.

The big standout performance was without a doubt Bennie Fourie, who plays Tiaan’s new best friend Hermann.

While the gist of the movie is based on a sad story, Hermann brings charm and silliness that not only lifts Tiaan’s spirits but also the tone of the movie.

The other star of the movie is J-Bay.

Everyone knows Jeffreys is the place to be for surfers, whether you grew up there or went there for the holidays. It will always have that familiar home feeling about it. This was perfectly and skillfully captured in the movie.

Die Pro is surf flick for young moviegoers that is beautifully filmed and proudly South African.

André Velts tells a good story about dealing with loss and friendship. Go support this one. It’s well worth it.

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