Don't Move

2006-03-30 13:03


A rainy day. A car fails to stop at a red light. A fifteen-year old girl is knocked from her scooter. The ambulance races towards the hospital, the same hospital where the girl's father works as a surgeon.

Timoteo waits as his colleague performs surgery on his daughter. The terror of this extreme event causes him to cast aside his masks of steadfastness, cynicism, model father and husband, revealing an estranged and violent self.

In an attempt to fill the silence of coma with words, death with life, he conducts an imaginary conversation with his daughter in which he reveals a painful secret: the seemingly squalid story of a powerful and visceral extra-marital love affair. What emerges is a picture of a scorching summer of many years earlier, a squalid slum and a downtrodden, destitute woman with a high-sounding name - Italia.

What the critics are saying:

"[Cruz] gives an unforgettable portrayal of a beautifully raw and innocent woman whose capacity for love towers over all who would despoil her."
- Ray Bennett, Hollywood Reporter

"What could have been a provocative psychological drama is instead a dishonestly romantic exploration of narcissism and exploitation."
- A.O. Scott, New York Times

"The two things that keep the film from falling into laughable melodrama are its continual inventions on a stylistic level ... and the exceptional level of acting."
- Deborah Young, Variety

This violent, beautiful and frighteningly passionate Italian film features Penelope Cruz at her most mesmerizing.

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