Drive Hard

2014-09-19 13:50
What's it about:

A skilled thief (John Cusack) forces an ex-racing driver-turned- driving instructor (Thomas Jane) to be his wheelman and getaway driver in a daring bank robbery that sends both men on the run from the police and the mob alike in this high-octane action comedy. The film was shot and is set in Queensland, Australia.

What we thought:

I have to admit I didn’t know what to expect when I went to see this film. Look, lets be straight from the beginning, this is  not a big blockbuster, in fact it’s something that you would catch on the Action channel while channel flipping. And if you’re into B-grade flicks (like me), you’re going to enjoy this.

There aren’t any major plot twists and action scenes, no real character development and no real hard driving. This movie is a no brainer, but there is something quite charming in its dullness.

Peter (Thomas Jane) is a down on his luck ex-racing driver turned driving instructor and is just plodding along in life. He is barely getting by; bills are rising and his relationship with his wife isn’t going too well.

Under the guise of wanting a driving lesson, Simon (John Cusack), a thief who is set on revenge ‘kidnaps’ Peter and uses him as his get-away-driver.

The pair go on the run with a few mishaps along the way. Nothing terribly exciting happens but there are a few moments that are gems.

I really enjoyed John Cusak’s character. He delivers some brilliant one liners. Thomas Jane is just okay. He does an okay job as his character.

In all honesty, don’t spend your money on this movie at the cinema, in fact it would probably go straight to DVD or box office but when you do come across it while channel flipping, you  will be mildly entertained .

Despite its title, Drive Hard is anything but racy. If you’re into low budget action flicks, this is mildly entertaining.
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