Eagle Eye

2008-12-12 10:09
Eagle Eye
What it's about:

Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) suddenly discovers a fortune in his bank account, and upon returning home, discovers his flat is full of weapons and explosives. A mysterious phone call instructs him to run, and orchestrates his meeting Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monaghan), who is also being steered by the mystery caller. They are threatened with death if they do not follow instructions, and soon they realise they are part of some unknown conspiracy. Fleeing federal agents and attempting to complete the caller’s dangerous tasks, they try to find out who is behind the plot, and what they want to achieve.

What we thought of it:

Once again a pair of total strangers are thrown together in a race against time that could see them both die horribly, to achieve the goal of some unknown possible terrorist – all set against the backdrop of a world gone mad.

This time the omnipresent caller uses technology like cellphones and CCTV cameras to keep tabs on likeable young stars Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan, as well as manipulating traffic lights and electronic signs to accomplish their sinister aims. Nobody over the age of five will be able to honestly say there is a single original or startling moment in Eagle Eye unless they have lived in a cave all their life.

It’s not all bad though. Even a film as safe and focus group tested as this can redeem itself by excelling at something, and Eagle Eye offers up a variety of very exciting chase scenes that make up the lion’s share of the action. There are some outstanding edge-of-your-seat bits where you really get lost in the action and hang onto every twist and turn as if it was your own life on the line. With such thrills being dished up, it’s a real pity that the plot is so predictable and ridiculous, even by action movie standards.

The biggest obstacle to enjoying Eagle Eye is thinking about it, even for a few minutes. If you can do this without scoffing, or don’t care at all about consistency or plot holes, then you will think it’s awesome. But if these kinds of details irritate you, then the whole thing will seem like a massive insult to your intelligence. Add on a happy ending that was obviously written by committee, and you have an A-Z of Hollywood blockbuster weaknesses.

The cast do well enough with the material they’re given, and the whole thing is slick and well made. On the downside, it features just about every thriller and action movie cliché there is, and does nothing to raise itself above similar films.

The chases are fast, but the plot is half stolen garbage that makes little sense, which seems to be normal for Hollywood these days, so really, you know what to expect. Children will probably get the most out of Eagle Eye, as anyone else who has seen more than a dozen films in their life will probably find it too safe and forgettable.

- Ivan Sadler

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A man and a woman are framed and manipulated into taking part in a conspiracy by a mysterious caller who monitors their every move through cellular and satellite technology.

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