2008-04-23 11:07
What it's about:

Moments before Princess Giselle (Amy Adams) and her Prince Edward (James Marsden) are wed with the plan to live happily ever after in their fairytale castle, the evil Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) banishes Giselle to the dark, dangerous streets of New York City. Trapped in a scary new reality, Giselle befriends a charming divorce lawyer (Patrick Dempsey) while trying to make sense of a world without happily ever afters, Prince Charmings and story book romances.

What we thought of it:

Disney director Kevin Lima puts a modern-day twist on a classic plot that sings and dances its way into your heart, whether you like it or not. Be prepared to leave your cynicism and practicality at the cinema door to truly enjoy this fairy tale.

Enchanted is a refreshing film that could easily have been Disney's worst movie ever, were it not for the charming Amy Adams. The Junebug Oscar nominee brings her animated character to life with such purity and gusto it's hard to not want to believe in "happily ever after". After moving from project to project during the 80s and 90s in relative obscurity, Patrick Dempsey returns to feature films as a cynical divorce lawyer, a break from his optimistic McDreamy.

Veteran Susan Sarandon shines as the deliciously evil Queen Narissa (has Hollywood finally found a use for actresses over 40?) while Mr Cyclops James Marsden once again lends his singing talents to the script, proving he is pretty good at playing both goofy and love-sick.

As homage to the Disney classics such as Sleeping Beauty and Fantasia, the animated part of Enchanted was drawn in 2-D. But the live action is where the fun really lies. From impromptu sing-and-dance routines to CGI toilet-scrubbing rats, anything you'd expect from an animated classic you'll find in live action Technicolor.

For Walt Disney fans, watch out for tributes to the classics. The animals helping Giselle with her chores reference scenes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, while the princess's carriage is similar to the one in Cinderella. Also, Dempsey's costume at the ball is the same as Beast's in Beauty and the Beast and finally, true love's kiss…

Enchanted is an enjoyable break from 2007s emotional and topic-heavy films, but this IS a Disney movie so be prepared for a happily ever after, after all.

- Megan Kakora
An enchanting performance by Amy Adams will almost have you singing in your seat.

Rozanna 2007/12/18 9:56 AM
Enchanted We need more fairy tales brought to life. It is such a pleasant change.
lancieboy 2007/12/20 1:58 PM
koerkoer loved the movie - loved the review!
Andre Jardim 2008/01/08 3:43 PM
Sweet entertainment Very enjoyable and comical twist on the fairytale come to life. The storyline is so Disney-predictable within the first 10 minutes, but it doesn't in any way leave you feeling cheated. Amy Adams is brilliant as the naive and syrupy-sweet Giselle, and the musical scene in Central Park is very humourous. Definitely recommended as light, good, family entertainment for both adults and children.
Michelle 2008/01/12 4:41 AM
True Love's kiss Definitely worth watching. It restores your faith in romance and recaptures the feelings we had as young people, believing in dreams and fantasies. I'd watch it again!!!
nthabi 2008/02/07 12:54 PM
ms great movie,Amy is amazin,the endless smile on her face makes one wanna fall in love,if we lived in 'a happily ever after' world like Andanasia this will be a wonderfull world & her amazin gift of makin beautiful dresses from curtains,wow!
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