2010-12-22 13:17
What it's about:

Billy is a sensitive, handsome young vampire who spends his nights prowling the city haunts with his friends. They lead a charmed life, owning the night and living in the rich social life that the city offers. But Billy's lonely and yearns for the one true love that will give meaning to his life.

When he meets Jenny, a beautiful and charming human, he's smitten immediately. His easy charm and gentlemanly manner draw her in and, despite all attempts by his ex-girlfriend, Lisa, to scupper the budding relationship, Jenny falls for him. It seems that destiny has favoured them.

However, all is not what it seems in the twilight world of the vampires. Jenny’s father, Tevis, a human scientist researching a cure for AIDS, accidentally produces a serum that will enable vampires to survive the sun’s rays and share the daylight with humans. This leads to a clash between the vampire clan leaders – Constantine, a traditionalist who is against the serum, and Borlak, a power-hungry upstart who is determined to lead the vampires out of the shadows and into the light so that they can walk among the living.

All-out war ensues between Billy and Borlak when Jenny’s mother, Lilian, is murdered and her father is abducted by Borlak’s henchmen. In a race against time, Billy teams up with vampire hunter Detective Joe Kau to defeat Borlak, free Tevis and claim the hand of the girl he loves.

Never look back.

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