Evan Almighty

2007-11-12 12:19
What it's about:

A self-absorbed and overly-trimmed TV news anchor Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) moves his family from the small town of Buffalo to a northern Virginia suburb to start his new life as a congressman. But his life gets turned upside-down when God (Morgan Freeman) appears and commands him to build an ark. His bewildered family and colleagues can't decide whether Evan is having an extraordinary mid-life crisis or is truly onto something of Biblical proportions.

Eddie's rating: ***
Tiisetso's rating: *

What Eddie thought of it:

Ain't the American dream grand. Evan is commanded by God to spread his holy message and build an ark in this sequel to Bruce Almighty. Funnyman Steve Carell reprises his role as the nervous, over-compensating Baxter and delivers a wonderfully hilarious performance in this average-on-laughs comedy.

Carell is the master of subtle comedy, so don't hope to see the same over-the-top slapstick Jim Carrey delivered in the original film. Evan Almighty is thinner on laughs than its predecessor, but the animals more than make up for it in fecal humor (watch out for the lemonade drinking baboons), and the special effects are incredible.

Morgan Freeman also returns as the regal yet mischievous God-with-a-sense-of-humour. But it's really the sassy Wanda Sykes who steals the show, getting all the best lines as Baxter's office manager. Evan Almighty becomes a tad preachy at times but it's the kind of movie that's made to leave a warm, tingly feeling about love, family and God in your tummy. Parents and their children will have fun, but if you were hoping to roll around laughing, give it a miss or wait for it on TV.

Evan Almighty will go down as the most expensive comedy ever made ($175 million dollars, excluding marketing), which goes to show that money can't buy you laughs. That said, the movie has some good moments and delivers all-round family entertainment with a pleasant message.

What Tiisetso thought of it:

For a movie that's reportedly the most expensive comedy ever produced, Evan Almighty is quite disappointing. You can actually count the number of times you giggle on one hand – one-and-a-half if you're lucky.

In this so-called family comedy, Carell attempts without much success to make the audience laugh at strange faces and silly little dances. Evan Almighty is a simple film about a self-centered man who learns the value of helping others and spending time with his family.

Without two of its initial stars it's no wonder this film isn't as funny as its predecessor. Word has it Jim Carrey, the leading actor in the preceding movie, declined to reprise his role in the sequel, forcing filmmakers to expand Carell's character from a minor (in Bruce Almighty) to a leading role. Jennifer Aniston, who played Grace, also turned down the offer to take up her role again.

The underlying message that there needs to be a peaceful co-existence between animals and humans may be a great bedtime kiddies story, but as far as comedy goes this film is hopeless. Evan Almighty is definitely a movie you should wait to watch until it's flighted at 8pm on Sunday TV.
Since the animals went in two by two, find out what our two reviewers Eddie Vulani Maluleke and Tiisetso Tlelima have to say about this lukewarm comedy.

Judith 2007/08/25 10:54 AM
Evan almighty Enjoyable family movie. Has quite an interesting religious conotation. In a world that is so full of violence and many movies that are made depict this, this movie is refreshing in that there is none of that. Furthermore it gives people a subtle reminder of a greater power than themselves. I left with a warm feeling.
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