Fantastic Four 2

2007-09-04 17:23
What it’s about:

The Fantastic Four are called on to investigate a mysterious force that is drilling giant holes all over the planet. They soon track down the Silver Surfer, an intergalactic being with almost unlimited power. But he’s not really the problem – the giant, planet-eating cloud of meanness that he serves is. And all Sue Storm wanted was a nice, quiet wedding day.

What we thought of it:

There’s nothing more boring than a critic attacking a blockbuster for being “mass produced” or “dumb” or “shallow”. After all, as the public always cries, no one cares about emotions and meaning and stuff, they want to see hot actors saving the world, flying planes or blowing stuff up (preferably all three at the same time). So let’s assume blockbusters shouldn’t be judged alongside other movies, but only other blockbusters. Hmmm. You know what? Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer still doesn’t look that great.

Well, it can’t be the effects. They’ve got a much bigger budget, and boy do they use it. All of action sequences are bigger, brighter and more expensive. Forget New York - this time the Four fly all over the world, chasing after that cool looking silver guy. They even stop that giant Ferris wheel in London from falling into the river. And they do this cool thing where they switch powers and stuff. And they’re, like, saving the world from, like, destruction.

But, you know what, they were a lot more fun in the first movie when they didn’t really know what they were doing and they spent all their time squabbling. It was kind of charming, and different from all the other super-serious comic book movies. You didn’t notice the bad acting so much, and that "flame on" guy had all these cheeky lines. Now they’re all serious and grumpy and married. This saving the planet stuff is a bit of a bummer.

And what have they done to Jessica Alba? Her make-up and hair are so overdone it’s like they’ve plasticised her. With an actress that ridiculously beautiful you don’t have to do anything – just let her be. All the gunk on her face just gets in the way. What? Her acting? You aren’t serious right? Who cares about her acting?

Hey, at least we can still enjoy Chris Evans. He’s even got his shirt off for a whole scene (now, now, stop drooling.) He was pretty much the funniest thing in the last movie, and this time he’s got all these great lines like when he says… Hang on, there’s that time when… no that was the first movie. Oh, ya, there’s this scene where… That’s weird, I can’t remember even one funny line.

There are a few good scenes though. Like when this mean General guy tells Mr Fantastic, "you’ll follow my orders, just like the nerds did in high school" and Mr Fantastic does this whole "well now I’ve got a hot girlfriend and superpowers and science" thing. Sweet! It’s always cool when the guys who are about to save humanity from destruction are exchanging playground insults. Really adds to the drama and awe.

But, seriously, when they start switching powers it’s the most entertaining thing in the whole movie. It’s so entertaining, in fact, that they have to keep doing it over and over and over again.

And if you ever get confused about what’s going on (since the plot is so complicated), there’s this part right near the end where the stone guy explains everything, talking out loud to no-one in particular in that way they always do in the movies.

Best of all, it has the decency to get it over with in 92 minutes, and not hang around for three hours stinking up the theatre like Pirates of the Caribbean 3 or Spider-man 3. Who knows, maybe they’ll get all full of themselves when they get to the inevitable third edition of Fantastic Four and make it four hours long. That way we can enjoy some shut-eye and still have time to eat our popcorn.

- Alistair Fairweather
Delivers exactly what it promises: adorable stars, expensive effects and adolescent mischief. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Marvel Comics Reader 2007/06/24 1:46 AM
Harsh Review For people who have no clue what the fantastic four are about and where the silver surfer is coming from, the movie might seem average. However the charactirizations were quite accurate in relation to the comments. Review above was a bit over the top, a bit immature to be honest. You have to understand the complications that come with trying to fit in over 20 years of storyline into a movie, a lot of the plot devices do in fact appeal to those comic readers following the series. For example being a comic reader myself, I found that I was the only one in the audience laughing for the scene that Stan Lee was rejected in the wedding. Although it missed out on the emotional complexity of the Silver Surfer, which could have been achieved with a brief origin story of Noran Rad sacrificing his soul to save his planet and wife, the movie deserves at least 3 stars, and is definitly worth paying money for at the cinema's.
Commenter 2007/06/27 2:12 AM
Bad Reviewer, Ignore him Wow, how brave, they deleted all my posts. Fact remains this a bad reviewer,please people ignore this persons review. He reads and then regurgitates what he reads from the "credible" reviewers. It borders on plagiarism. Anyway, I know more about movies than he does - I work for one the the theatre companies. I would write much better reviews than this guy - come on, give me a job!
Alistair 2007/06/27 12:37 PM
Ok Commentator, put your money where your mouth is Your comments were deleted because they were childish and amounted to slander. If this were real life I could sue you for defamation - but luckily for brave old you this is the internet where nothing counts, right? I challenge you, or anyone, to find even one line of plagiarism in any of my reviews. The really funny thing is that, on principle, I won't even LOOK at another review until my own is finished. But never mind the truth - it's all about your opinion after all.
misterfrostbyte 2007/06/28 11:48 AM
alistair fairweather - not a good critic alistair, just for the record, you suck more than Ouma se Slim Kind. the second visit to the Fantastic Four is great! Compare it to the Fantastic Four cartoons, and this is what they would have been like if they were real! Its a lot better than Spiderman 3, not as complicated as Pirates of the Carribean 3 and a good laugh. kids will enjoy it, parents wont have to explain too much and every other scifi-wannabe superhero-lover will go crazy for the cool gadgets, suits, powers and modern day magic on the big screen. give it a fair chance alistair. go watch becoming jane or something - that might be more your type of thing.
manny 2007/06/29 12:31 PM
goood agood movie .i loved it and so did the kids
Sick of garbage 2007/07/03 2:38 PM
Idiots How is it that every person who writes in to defend an awful piece of rubbish like this can barely string a sentence together, and never makes a single valid point? They just end up going "This reveewer suks cos he duznt like my faverit comic and he iz gay and i am grate - let me rite reveews". For the record, the Fantastic Four films are the worst superheroe movies yet, second only to Cat Woman - yes, they sucked even more than Dare devil. The only problem is that people raised on garbage can't tell the difference between sh*t and expensive chocolate.
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