Feast of Love

2008-03-03 10:24
What it's about:

In a coffee shop in a tight-knit Oregon community a local professor and writer Harry Stevenson (Morgan Freeman) witnesses love whipping up mischief among the town's residents. Among young and old, among both parents and lovers, among the sweet and the savage, among humans and even animals, Harry watches in awe as love mystifies, wounds, devastates, inspires, makes unreasonable demands and profoundly shapes the lives of everyone around him – including himself.

What the critics say:

"Feast of Love is essentially a feel-good Hollywood romcom – but it's one with twists, proper characters, and sadness underscoring the cosy love scenes."
Jessica Holland, thelondonpaper

"The screenplay combines philosophy, melodrama, and clichés to engaging effect."
James Berardinelli,ReelViews

"Given the potentially unwieldy nature of the enterprise, [director] Benton juggles the multiple narratives with considerable grace, and succeeds in creating a warm (if somewhat improbable) sense of community among the principal characters."
Justin Chang, Variety

"The script weaves three interlocking stories in unlikely ways and relies on random acts of violence, fate and God for dramatic complications that the characters aren't fleshed-out enough to whip up on their own"
Carina Chocano, Los Angeles Times

"Feast of Love, Robert Benton's bobos-in-love ensemble drama, adapted from the Charles Baxter college-town novel, is far too cloyingly pleased with its own humanity."
Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly
A group of friends in Oregon find their way through the complex, and often painful, relationships with each other.

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