Fireflies in the Garden

2009-11-23 14:54

What's it about:

An average American family suffers from a grave and unexpected loss that forces its members to confront past issues in this all-star ensemble drama from acclaimed director Dennis Lee. Julia Roberts stars as Lisa Taylor, the wife of a college professor, Charlie (Willem Dafoe), living in the Midwest. As the tale opens, the ageing couple are proud parents of two grown and reasonably successful children, Michael (Ryan Reynolds) and Ryne (Shannon Lucio). Then tragedy strikes.

What the critics have to say:

"The movie is one long argument, tiresome and repetitive, that produces more heat than light."
- Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter

"Despite the mega-wattage of pic’s starry cast, theatrical prospects seem dim for this clumsy melodrama, which looks and sounds no better than an average made-for-cabler."
- Alissa Simon, Variety

"A sheer slog to sit through, Fireflies In The Garden might have worked if it wasn't so damn po-faced and the script actually had something to say about how families work."
- David Edwards, Daily Mirror [UK]

"Julia Roberts, Willem Dafoe and Emily Watson are strictly slumming it in this saccharine melodrama."
- Kevin Maher, Times [UK]

The semi-autobiographical story centers on the complexities of love and commitment in a family torn apart when faced by an unexpected tragedy.

Ellen 2009/10/29 1:33 PM
Wait a minute...souns awfully familiar...Ah yes...the one with Cameron Diaz. What's up with this replica??
E Graumann 2009/11/23 2:41 PM
This is not the review for Firelflies in the Garden.. It's for the movie about two sisters featuring Cameron Diaz.
Shaheema 2009/11/23 2:49 PM
Sorry guys - that is the incorrect synopsis. Updated and fixed. Thanks for pointing this out!
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