Firehouse Dog

2007-08-03 17:10
What’s it about?

A lost celebrity dog goes from living the high life to a dog-eat-dog world and tries to find his way back to Hollywood. But things get a bit complicated when he’s taken-in by rebellious skater-boy Shane (son of the captain of a firehouse) and get a taste of life as a ‘real dog’.

What we thought

Dog movies have been done to the bone, usually playing on the ‘man’s best friend’ angle but Firehouse Dog is done a bit differently. Rexxx (that’s right it’s a triple xxx) is a prima donna, a neat freak and Shane’s worst nightmare. Usually boy finds dog and tries every trick in the book to keep it. Here, boy finds dog and sticks up “Stinking Mutt Found” signs all over town. The only thing Shane and Rexxx have in common is their desire to get Rexxx back to his rightful owners.

This is the kind of film in which suspension of disbelief comes easily. You don’t have to think too hard to enjoy the film. It’s easy watching, tail wagging comedy, with a bite of action for the guys and a stroke of romance for the girls.

The performances are convincing, especially from our canine friend Rexxx. His stunts are in fact highly commendable (he even has skills on a skateboard!) – though you have to wonder whether special effects were involved sometimes.

The narrative is engaging, with a number of sub-plots, making it a film that will entertain every kind of kid out there. Although the storylines are quite stereotypical, that’s what makes the film enjoyable; we’re familiar with the general outline so we’re better able to engage with the characters.

The only really irritating thing about the film is it’s reliance on flashbacks. However, one has to be sympathetic to the fact that it is a film about a dog and seeing as none of us can claim to be fluent in Bark, flashbacks are probably the best way to communicate what’s going on in Rexxx’s furry little head.

A charming family film, Firehouse Dog gets a teeth-baring nod from our quarters.

- Natalie Sineke De Freitas
A heart-warming tale about a spoilt mutt who’s brought down to earth and finds himself loving it.

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