First Sunday

2008-08-12 14:12
What it's about:

Durell (Ice Cube) and LeeJohn (Tracy Morgan) are two goodhearted thugs who decide to rob a church after a fundraiser. Their ineptitude results in them holding the congregation, the pastor and the choir hostage. Discovering that someone has already stolen the money in question, they begin to search for the booty.

What we thought of it:

Has the rapidly melting Ice Cube become the international symbol for the street hustling gangster who turns into a big child-friendly softy? Despite the fact that he plays a thief in First Sunday, it's made clear that he's a guy with a heart of gold who's just down on his luck. Even at his most menacing he looks like he's halfway between mournful and annoyed – the type of annoyed you get when you forget to buy facial cleanser with your monthly grocery shopping. Tracy Morgan plays his goofy sidekick as if he is actually trying to play Goofy, stopping just short of slipping on a banana peel. Are you with me?

Take these two hapless and unthreatening characters and thrust them into a hostage situation with a number of threadbare African-American stereotypes (the righteous minister, his no-nonsense sexy daughter, the camp choir master, the wise old lady etc) and you have this movie. Every little plot turn is signposted well in advance.

First Sunday tries to juxtapose street life and church life to bring us the life-affirming message: Even criminals can change! It ends up being sentimental enough to choke on, complete with gospel sing-alongs and group hugs. Awwwww.

It doesn't work well as a comedy unless you're happy with really obvious jokes and simply laughing at stereotypes. But it slightly succeeds as a feel-good family movie you can take grandma and toddler to – but don't forget your iPod because if you're above the age of 10 and below the age of 60 it will probably be too cloyingly sentimental and irritating. This type of thing has been done much better before. So why bother?

- Ivan Sadler

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Two out of work lowlifes decide to rob an inner-city church after a fundraising drive. Their plan goes horribly wrong and they end up holding a group of people hostage.

Mindlo 2008/05/01 8:01 PM
They dont like Its funny how when these people try to do something that they are not accustomed to be potraying them let get trashed, so Ice Cube will never be anyone except Doughboy, its sad and sickening. Nice points are driven by the movie
puleng 2008/05/14 8:19 PM
first sunday you can wait for it to premeire on sabc. but its funny
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