Footskating 101

2007-10-08 12:55

Stook visit the Footskating 101 set. Watch the video.

What it's about:

Vince (Rob van Vuuren), a struggling miner's son, dreams of becoming a world-class skateboarder. Unfortunately, he can't afford a skateboard. But money is not his biggest problem. The government wants to repossess his family's house, they are about to lose their town, and Vince's grandmother needs a new lung. Desperate for a way out of his troubles Vince invents footskating. It's like skateboarding, only without a board. Armed with the right footwear, Vince has a plan. All he has to do is find and train a team and win a high-profile skateboarding competition in Johannesburg. But is the world ready for footskating?

What we thought of it:

If you enjoy the Crazy Monkey skits on MTV, you'll love Footskating 101. The crew's second feature film takes the style and experience of Straight Outta Benoni one step further. The world they create is more exaggerated and surreal than the 'realistic' Benoni of the first film. Their jokes and characters are more at home and the style more er... sure-footed.

Andrew Buckland's exaggerated acting style, tainted by years of physical theatre work, gels perfectly in this world. He's also not as over-the-top as some stage actors who move to film.

Rob van Vuuren plays a believable Vince and proves he's more than just Twakkie. Brendan Jack's so convincing as Delarey that you'll wonder if he's really all that different in real life. Although Rob plays the lead role, Brendan's character is the film's backbone.

The film's cast includes well-known names such as Lisa-Marie Schneider, Kagiso Lediga, Kerry McGregor, Riaad Moosa, Bevan Cullinan, John Vlismas and Elana Afrika and the soundtrack is proudly SA.

Our final verdict…
Yes, the film is silly at times. But it's also more creative and funnier than anything of the same genre that's come out of the US in the past few years. See it.

- Annel Malan
The Crazy Monkey crew is back. Footskating 101 is funnier, crazier, cleverer and tighter than anything they've done before. Not only are they armed with a new movie, but with a whole new sport.

RJ 2007/09/20 3:39 PM
Rubbish Do not be fooled by the good reviews this film gets, it's rubbish. Do not waste your time or money on it, rather watch Napoleon Dynamite again.
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