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Four Brothers

2006-07-12 17:18


When their beloved foster mother is killed in a holdup, four tough brothers reunite in their old Detroit neighborhood with revenge on their minds. Mark Wahlberg plays the brawl-hungry leader, Bobby. His brother, Angel (Tyrese Gibson), is a rowdy sailor with a high-strung Latina girlfriend (Sofi Vergara). Garrett Hedlun plays the young rock & roller of the clan. And Outkast's Andre 3000, Benjamin, is the family man whose tenuous mob connection may link him to the killers.

What the critics are saying:

"...notable more for its bold colour-blind casting than for its workmanlike narrative, which swiftly dissolves into a litany of brutally sadistic acts knotted together by a feeble whodunnit plot."
- Neil Smith, BBC Movies

"[Four Brothers] connects with underlying moral currents in the way Westerns used to, back before greed, fear, anger and 'society' provided action movies with all the motivation they needed."
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"If Four Brothers spent half as much energy making us feel something for its heroes as it spent making us feel nothing for their victims, it would be a far better, and far more engaging, film."
- Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post

The relish with which this ultra-violent film justifies and glorifies vigilantism makes it hard to stomach.

ynot 2005/10/15 7:46 PM
Mr Good old skot skiet and donner,Just what we needed for no thought pattern 1 star
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