Garfield's Fun Fest

2009-06-05 08:57

What it’s about:

Welcome to the Fun Fest - the annual talent competition for the funniest comic strip in the cartoon world. As you can probably guess, a certain lasagne-loving, tubby tabby wins it every year. So why should this year be any different? Well, there's a new contender, that's why. His name is Ramone - he's tall, he's handsome, and he just might unseat Garfield as king of the comic strip!

What we thought about it:

The Garfield cartoons and comic strips provided humour in the way that Garfield knows best; satirical commentary and by just being himself - a lazy, lasagne-eating fat cat. Unlike the recent Garfield movies, in which Bill Murray lent his dopey voice, which itself set the bar pretty low, this movie aims to target an even younger audience. However, you have to be a very open-minded parent to be willing to let your little one see this film. 

The entire Garfield gang are pulled out of retirement for another computer-generated feature-length outing, voiced by cartoon vocal actor extraordinaire Frank Welker and written by Garfield creator Jim Davis. With its bright imagery, a world filled with happiness and cars that have bubbles coming out of the exhaust instead of smoke, it screams lame. Garfield's Fun Fest will have kids with the most elementary education rolling their eyes in disbelief. Garfield’s sarcastic, snide comments and lazy attitude seem out of place here.

This movie is quite hypocritical. On the one hand it is jam-packed with good lessons and morals as Garfield goes on this path of finding “his funny” after he realises he may have lost it; while on the other hand Garfield tells his friend that he "sucks"... Surely most parents wouldn't be happy for their kids to hear such sentiments?

Adults will get bored within minutes while the kids become irritated. Garfield's Fun Fest is strictly for under 5s and should have been a straight-to-DVD release, as it was in the US.

Our favourite lasagna-loving cat is back, and this time he's competing for the title of Comic King at an annual talent competition.

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