Get Smart

2008-07-04 15:41
What it's about:

Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) works as an analyst for the US spy agency Control, but yearns for the day he can emulate the heroic exploits of Control field agents, like the suave and sexy Agent 23 (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) who enjoys rock star status amongst his peers. The problem is that while Max is brilliant at gathering and analysing intelligence, he makes a mess of everything else. So when evil mastermind Kaos infiltrates Control headquarters and compromises the safety of their secret agents, it's up to the newly promoted Max to save the day.

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What we thought:

Cheesy plot be damned! Get Smart is an entertaining, laugh-out-loud guilty pleasure.

In this remake of the 1960s TV series, it's the geeks who are the true heroes. And you're unlikely to find a bigger dork on cinema screens this year than Maxwell Smart. Here's a guy who meticulously compiles 1000-page dossiers on the bad guys – detailing their marital woes and culinary preferences – based on otherwise uninteresting telephone conversations he has intercepted. He's a smarmy know-it-all, but we root for him despite his annoying flaws. This is due to the casting of Steve "the new Jim Carrey" Carell, who brings his brand of likeable, poor-schmuck comedy timing to the party.

Assisting Maxwell on his perilous mission is Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway), whose grace and beauty more than make up for Maxwell's constant blundering. But of course, an international spy is only as good as his shiny, high-tech gadgets, and Max has plenty of those. If only he knew how to use them without impaling himself first.

The array of baddies we meet throughout are naturally of British or Eastern European origin who collectively have a murky plan to destroy the US. Admittedly, the baddies' terror plot is trivial and forgettable, so the slapstick humour peppered throughout actually comes as a welcome relief.

Adding to the high laughter quotient is the fantastic supporting cast, which includes Oscar-winner Alan Arkin as Control's top boss and Masi Oka (of Heroes [2006 - 2008] fame) sticking to type as a timid technical engineer who designs and builds Maxwell's gadgets.

Get Smart is a film to be enjoyed on a purely comedic level – and with the impressive Carell leading the charge (as well as a bizarre cameo from Bill Murray), entertainment satisfaction is guaranteed.

- Shaheema Barodien

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Maxwell Smart, a diligent but bumbling analyst for the US spy agency Control, is thrust into the physical (and romantic) demands of field work when a terrorist organisation makes threats against the United States.

Karen 2008/07/11 2:57 PM
Funny ... but no James Bond First off: I'm a HUGE Steve Carell fan... This weirdo's personality and facial expressions are excellent. And Anne Hathaway is not half bad, considering its not a full chick flick/teen movie. I enjoyed the movie - light hearted, bubblegum for the brain. Lots of laughs... especially the one about Chuck Norris. *gotto love Chuck* Good to see some (almost believable) acting from the wrestlers Great Khali and The Rock. All around fun and a good evening out / excusse to have popcorn...
Kim 2008/07/14 2:55 PM
Not quite Funny, but a bit of an american imitation of Johnny English - which was so much better than this movie. I love the Rock - I think he is undervalued often and has done some good stuff. Worth seeing when you are feeling silly or down.
Verni 2008/08/01 10:12 AM
Get Smart very entertaining movie,steve carrell is at his best. Its a good movie for a good laugh.
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