2006-03-30 12:08

Larry Gigli (Ben Affleck), a wannabe gangster with a good heart, has finally been given his first big break. He must kidnap Brian (Justin Bartha), the psychologically challenged younger brother of a powerful federal prosecutor to help save a mob boss from going to prison.

Hiding out in his one-bedroom apartment with Brian, Gigli is shocked when Ricki (Jennifer Lopez), a gorgeous, free-spirited female enforcer is sent to assist him because his boss thinks he's likely to screw up.

And from that moment on, Gigli's world is turned upside down.

Gigli finds himself failing in love with the unavailable Ricki and goes to extreme lengths to win her affection. The more she resists, the stronger the attraction becomes.

By letting their feelings get in the way of business, Gigli and Ricki set in motion an unlikely chain of events that just could endanger their plans for a long-term relationship - and their lives.

What the critics are saying:

"Ridiculous, obnoxious and astonishingly tedious, Gigli (pronounced Geelee as in really awful) is so unremittingly dreadful it sounds like fun. Until, that is, you actually spend 120 minutes in its presence..."
- Jamie Russell, BBCi

"Test audiences reportedly balked at the film's happy ending and wanted Gigli and Ricki to die bloody deaths. And they say critics are harsh."
- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

"Imagine a movie made up entirely of Deleted Scenes...Not since Travolta and Tomlin in 1978's Moment By Moment has a love scene been this embarrassing or uncomfortable."
- Collin Souter,

Many critics are calling it the worst movie of the decade - but can anything starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez really be that bad? We certainly thought so.

William 2003/10/20 2:59 PM
Horrible! I saw it on a cheap flight back from Europe. It was the only thing they had to watch besides cartoons and I couldn't bring myself to watch all of it, even though I couldn't sleep. It's almost worth watching just to see how laughable Jennifer Lopez's acting ability is - I said almost... Fight Club
neill 2003/10/20 4:37 PM
gigli zzzzzz. Oh sorry is it over?? Thank god for that, now of to the dreud to have hot pokers stuck in my eyes. anything at all. Just anything but Gigli!!!!!
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