2007-12-10 12:13
What it’s about:

The 1960s: a time of big change, big dreams and big hair. Tracy Turnblad, a spunky plump teenager, has always dreamed of dancing on "The Corny Collins Show", and after humiliating auditions she finally lands a spot on the hottest television show in Baltimore. But it's only a matter of time before her "liberal" style of dancing, extra large dress size and open-minded personality alarm conservative network execs.

But Tracy has bigger issues troubling her. In a volatile time of racial inequality, the outspoken teenager finds herself fighting segregation and advocating integration. Can one teenager really change the course of history through music and dance?

What we thought of it:

For a feature film that has generated as much pre-release publicity as this musical has, Hairspray gets off to a rather sluggish start. The opening sequence is a bit disappointing, especially if producers were hoping to kick the movie off with a larger-than-life intro.

However, don't judge a book or its leading actress by its cover. The catchy music and infectious dancing will soon have you bobbing your head and tapping your toes. If not, the dialogue will at times make you laugh out loud. In the myth of the 60s, you can always find a carefree pick-me-up – if you can overlook the racial tension and conflict.

So this tricky subject rescues Hairspray from evolving into yet another trivial musical about bright, shiny teenagers dancing away their carefree lives and juvenile crises on television. The story line gets in touch with the racial turmoil of the time and reminds us that while it's all good and well to kick up your heels and break out in song, there also comes a time when one needs to dig in your heels and stand your ground.

Despite the hardship of the uequal times, the black kids always seem to be having so much more fun than their white peers. Whether they’re in detention or at Ms Motor Mouth's record store – look out for a highly enjoyable scene that could put even Dirty Dancing to shame.

John Travolta blossoms into a quite convincing woman as Tracy’s mother, Edna, and proves he still has what it takes to pull off fancy footwork – even in a fat suit. But it's a pity he only breaks out of the self-contained shell and explodes on screen in the final scene of the movie.

Christopher Walken's comic genius should never be doubted. He delivers a perfect balance of wit, charm and suave bravado, while Queen Latifah puts on yet another sterling performance to rival her role in Chicago. Michelle Pfeiffer also brings her talents to the party; it’s just a pity that age is finally starting to catch up with her.

But it's Nikki Blonsky that'll have you wondering where this talented young lady has been hiding all this time? Although she’s no Jennifer Hudson, Blonksy has great potential. We'll have to wait and see what the future holds for this bright young star.

Although a few bloopers were painfully visible (tissues and hair falling out of place, steps out of time and Travolta's ankle buckling on high heels), the story is so darling all is forgiven by the next song and dance.

Musicals might not be everybody's cup of tea, but Hairspray is a delight to watch. Everybody has to see it, at least once.

- Megan Kakora
A pleasantly plump musical and a pleasantly plump teenager bring new life to feature films.

Anonymous 2007/08/17 9:15 AM
Sucks! If i was forced to take a bullet to the head or watch this movie again... it would be a difficult decision!
heidil 2007/08/18 1:24 PM
I Loved It I thought this movie was brilliant. John Travolta can move even with the fat suit and the heels!!!!!!
Verushka 2007/08/20 11:27 AM
Hair Spray An awesome movie. In an era when CGI dominates this is a refreshing change. Lots of laughs and Travolta is brilliant playing the part of a women. Not to be missed.
tess 2007/08/20 2:48 PM
excellent! I loved the movie
steve 2007/08/20 3:42 PM
Hairspray An unforgettable movie.The 60's brought to life by a fabulous cast, stunning dance routines and great music! Can't wait for the stage production in October.
Karen 2007/08/25 9:46 AM
Hairspray absolutely loved it, my 8 year old daughter was so lost in the movie that she was dancing and clapping till she realised she was in the cinema
amy 2007/09/01 9:18 AM
Hairspray the only reason i went to go and see it was because Zack Efron and Amanda Buyns were in it
Tebogo 2007/09/18 10:02 AM
Hairspray I would love to see Hairspray with all my Heart but its not on at Rustenburg. What shoul we do to see it coz we planned it for Girls Night Out?(GNO)
TAylor Patrick 2008/03/07 3:23 AM
Hairyspray Hairspray is a geat movie! Qn awesome cast my fav is link! Who's your fav?
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