Hannah Montana: The Movie

2009-05-01 11:41

What it’s about:

As Hannah Montana's popularity begins to take over the life of her alter ego Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus), her father Robby Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus) encourages her to take a trip to her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee, to get some perspective on what matters in life the most.

What we thought about:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Miley/Hannah Montana phenomenaon and have no idea who’s who, Miley Cyrus plays a fictionalised version of herself (Miley Stewart) on the Disney Channel's wildly popular series Hannah Montana. As a brunette, Miley is an average high school student, like her friends. But she also lives a secret life. She’s a super-famous, super-blonde pop star Hannah with a big Dolly Parton-blonde wig as her supposedly fool-proof disguise. It must be a country thing. But Disney delivers on what they does best… wholesome family entertainment.

Bobby Ray (Miley’s real-life dad, Billy Ray Cyrus) realises that fame has spoiled his daughter and causing her to be out of touch with her humble beginnings. The final straw comes when she gets into a shoe fight with Tyra Banks and is late for her best friend Lilly’s 16th birthday (played by Emily Osment) and daddy Bobby Ray thinks its time to head back to the farm Tennessee. Miley's not too pleased about this, of course. Even less so is her publicist (Vanessa Williams) is furious.

Eventually she adapts to country life while evading a nosy reporter and who keeps Miley on her toes. With the guidance of her no-nonsense grandma (Margo Martindale), best friend, and the cute cowboy next door (hottie Lucas Till), Miley begins to wonder if it's time to put the pop star act and be true to who she really is.

The movie may not be your typical Hollywood blockbuster but tweens agree that "Hannah Montana Rocks!" The key to star Miley Cyrus' appeal is that she's equal parts pop star and spunky down-home girl. The 15-year-old who accompanied me with to the screening, Saara Mohamed, said it best, "You have to like her TV show and her music to like the movie." The movie looks and sounds like a proper feature film and is not just an extended version of the TV show. Miley Cyrus, at just 16, is a true triple threat who can sing, dance and act. All the songs featured on her latest CD are featured in the movie.

Special appearances by Rascals Flatts and Taylor Swift performing their respective songs add to the whole musical experience. There's nothing subtle or unexpected about Hannah Montana: The Movie. It’s pure homely goodness that will only catapult Miley/Hannah's massive star even further and confirm her as the role model of choice for little girls. Still, is it asking too much to have this much righteousness be conveyed with a bit more finesse and originality?

Disney tween sensation Miley Cyrus finally hits the big screen as her pop diva alter ego swaps the glitz and glamour for farm chores in her native Tennessee.

Raymund Shaw 2009/05/02 3:06 PM
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I would so bang Miley.
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