Harry Potter 5

2007-10-08 12:56
What it’s about:

Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) must face suspicions from fellow students over the death of Cedric, as well as interference from the Ministry of Magic in the form of the overzealous Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Staunton) who is placed in the school to keep Dumbledore in line. Harry must also contend with his own blooming adolescence, his feelings for fellow student Cho (Katie Leung), and his own attempts to prepare for the coming conflict in the wizarding world.

What we thought of it:

Each new Harry Potter film release is almost as much of an event as the release of a new novel, so it’s a fairly weighty task for each new director assigned to the franchise. The fans are less fussy than Tolkien followers, but still have pretty high expectations. Alfonso Cuarón was at the helm when the story steered into darker waters with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire maintained the more sinister vibe, while remaining suitably epic. So does The Order of the Phoenix measure up?

The answer is yes, thankfully, and fans will not be disappointed by the more mature Harry, and the dark tone of the film. TV director David Yates manages the economics of the storytelling admirably, covering all the important plot developments from the book while still finding a little time for all the tiny details that make the world of Hogwarts so magical and involving.

The Order of the Phoenix is a transitional part of the Harry Potter epic, and it is only right at the end that anything cataclysmic happens, and as a result, the film comes across as slightly less impressive than the previous ones. The Prisoner of Azkaban introduced the Dementors, and Harry’s developing Patronus, while the Goblet of Fire had the awesome tournament, but the Order of the Phoenix has very little in the way of visually magical surprises, which may leave a lot of viewers feeling short-changed.

The Order of the Phoenix finds Harry pitted against a quite different adversary in the form of Ministry of Magic bureaucrat Dolores Umbridge, brilliantly played by veteran actress Imelda Staunton (Freedom Writers, Vera Drake, Little Britain). She’s a perfect mix of sugar and spitefulness, wrapped up in pink, and capable of the vilest acts against students and staff alike, and she dominates each scene she is in. Her interactions with Professor Snape (Alan Rickman) are nothing short of hilarious, while her treatment of Cybill Trelawney (Emma Thompson) won’t fail to pluck the heartstrings.

The biggest problem with the film, as with the previous two, is the struggle to condense a 1000 plus page novel into the running time. Some scenes feel rushed, while some subplots and tiny details have been left out altogether. Great characters that really helped colour this novel (Tonks, Mad Eye Moody, and Kreacher the house elf) are barely given any screen time at all, while the emotional explosion involving Harry’s first kiss feels a little thin.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a worthy addition to the series, despite its flaws, and every fan should find a lot to enjoy. The acting is generally good, and as always the scenery and special effects are wonderful. While not being nearly the best Harry Potter film to date, it is still of a very high standard – go watch it.

- Ivan Sadler
Harry Potter hits the screen for his fifth adventure, with added hormones and bureaucracy. This darkest and most angst-filled episode yet is still a delight.

jessica drake 2007/07/11 11:44 AM
WOW!!! wat an awesum movie, danni is sooo hot!!! definately a must see 5/5
lucy 2007/07/11 2:07 PM
yesssss i havent seen it yet but i cant wait hary potter is amazing and very film has been better then the previous one very excited to c how it all comes together on screen.
Louisa 2007/07/11 3:24 PM
Harry the Hottie This is one boy who has now grown into a man and makes glasses look soooooooo sexy. I watched Harry grow and I am proud of him, and more so that fame has not made him "lose it". He has stayed a true blue. Lotsa love!!!!
Ronel 2007/07/11 3:40 PM
Best adaptation so far I thought this was the best adaptation of the book in the film series so far. The director & writers managed to capture the essential story, without the need to change events from the book. I especially enjoyed Imelda Staunton's performance as Dolores Umbridge. I also felt that the director might have explored the maturing of the characters' emotional sides a bit more. All in all, this is still a must-see & I, for one, loved the movie!
super 2007/07/11 8:14 PM
Way Cool Saw it Best Movie In ages ( Liked 1st the most although )
Tina 2007/07/11 11:32 PM
Awsome!!! Unbelievable, this movie is awsome!! Absolutely loved every second of it!! Daniel is so damn sexy...if only i was 4 years younger ;o) Brilliant acting too...definitaley a must see...do not miss it on the big screen, you will forever regrett it if you do!!
AndyC 2007/07/12 7:22 AM
Mr Sadler Ivan did you just type something nice about a main stream film! You are slipping man!!!
Nick 2007/07/14 4:33 PM
Gr8 this movie is gr8! best movie outta al of em. nd finally the acting is actually reali gud. plus the spells are brilliantly imagined and pulled off!!! its worth spending the money on...
Jesse 2007/07/18 8:13 AM
Just okay It was not exactly what I expected, it is better than the previous one but not the best. Or maybe having read the book ruined everything. Just hope the The half blooded prince will be better. I still love it though
Julie 2007/07/18 9:31 AM
Just Magic! I LOVED IT! Laughed a lot, cried a little and overall I was transformed, once again, into a world of magic. Yes, this is definitely no longer a kiddies movie - but that is the point! KJ Rowling has done a brilliant job portraying Harry from child to adolescent and now the movie has done the same. Can't wait for the next one!
Bilbo 2007/07/18 9:37 AM
Agree with Ivan I agree 100% with Ivan, it's like you took what was in my mind and put it on "paper". I recon that having read the book, some of us expect more detail and find some things more inportant than others. I was not crazy by the idea of how they actually changed the story a bit, Cho being the "sneak" and the DA all getting punishment from Umbridge with the quill. And the big fuss over the kiss? Could have used those few seconds wiser if you ask me. Preferred the 4th.
ELoise 2007/07/18 9:44 AM
Fantastic I went to watch the Oder Of The Phoenix on Saterday and it was GR8!!! Cant wait for the next movie and the last Book!!!
simi 2007/07/19 10:23 AM
harry aagh its not so great. the last one was much more exciting. there are some events that take place in the book but it fails to make it on screen which is actually a shame.
Ayisha 2007/07/20 8:37 PM
super amazing and out of this world Many might say your just being snoby and unrealistic about rating harry potter and the order of the phoenix 6 out if 5, there is nothing more you can do about it. Iam a fan of harry's and not because Daniel Radcliffe is super cute but i would say he has done an amazing job on all the harry potter movies but this one is just the best of the lot. I personaly thought The prisinor of Azzaban was the worst but the cast realy out done themselves this time. It is realy a movie you would watch 25 times without even noticing it.
Christina 2007/07/25 7:11 PM
Awsome I think "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" really good. I don't think it was the best Harry Potter movie, I preferred the forth one, but it was still great. And right now I am all most finished reading "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" and there is definatly the most action involved. I think the next and last movie will be one we will never forget.
kay 2007/07/27 2:06 PM
harry I didn't think it was all that grand. the third and fourth books were way better. the movies are starting to slack. Concentrating too much on harry's personal life and even left out some bits of the book i thought were important. hello ? where's all the magic. The book was way better and the movie was an utter disappointment compared to the book.
Harsheeta 2007/07/29 6:03 PM
EXCELLENT!!!!!!! An entertaining yet brilliant movie :) I had gone to watch the movie on Sunday and had thoroughly enjoyed myself! Its an amazingly entertaining and witty movie. I have also read the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book. Amazing, the best yet!
Lasse 2007/08/03 2:47 PM
Hey people I loved the movie, but love and hate are a matter of opinion. I just want to remind everyone that there are a thousand pages in the book and only 4 hours of movie.
vicki 2007/08/04 7:44 PM
harry potter and the order of the phoenix AMAZING and yet so empty the movie was amazing, no doubt about it, but it lacked depth. it left out importnat parts of the book (like the locket they found while cleaning out the orders headquaters - it's of vital importance in the deathly hallows). if a newcomer had to watch the movie (as some of my friends did) they wouldn't understand it. all that aside, i enjoyed the movie, as it took me into it, but it was dissapointing when nobody else could understand it.
micke 2007/08/21 6:23 AM
horrible didn't do the book justice, horrible 'fliek'
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