Heart Warming House-husbands

2006-03-30 11:59

Charlie (Eddie Murphy) and Phil (Jeff Garlin) are so consumed by their high profile advertising jobs that they are completely missing out on the joys of fatherhood. However their own kids soon provide them with a crash course in child rearing, with uproarious and heart-warming results.

After failing to excite the public about vegetable cereal, Charlie and Phil are fired from their ad jobs. That means no more expensive day care for their sons at the exclusive Chapman Academy, run by the harsh taskmistress Miss Gwyneth Harridan (Anjelica Huston).

While floundering aimlessly in search of employment and tending to his four-year-old son Ben (Khamani Griffin) during the day while his wife Kim (Regina King) is at work, Charlie has an idea. If he and Phil can handle taking care of two kids, how much harder can it be to supervise ten?

What the critics are saying:

"Eddie Murphy clearly never heard the old adage that you should never work with animals or children."
- Neil Smith, BBCi

"...shortcomings drag the film down quite a bit, but Daddy Day Care is still entirely enjoyable as Saturday matinee family fare."
- Rob Blackwelder,SPLICEDwire

"Murphy looks comatose delivering the played-out poopy jokes. If you're older than five, you have to miss the raw comic who once used his wit like a scalpel."
- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Daddy Day Care is a heart warming and endearingly silly family comedy that should please both parents and children alike. But long-time Eddie Murphy fans will be sorely disappointed.

Faith Steglin 2003/07/29 2:38 PM
Ms Great Sunday afternoon entertainment. Yes!!! to anyone looking for light entertainment.
Elvis Doux 2003/08/11 1:50 PM
Heart Warming House-husbands London Beetlis st 49
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