Henry Poole is Here

2008-08-29 13:28
What it's about:

Henry Poole abandons his fiancée and family business to spend what he believes are his remaining days alone. The discovery of a "miracle" by a nosy neighbor ruptures his solitude and restores his faith in life.

What the critics thought of it:

"This film really and truly moved me."
Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper

"Gooey, ponderous, and maudlin. It's less a tale of religious rebirth than a faith-based Hallmark card."
Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

"Pic's tendency to lecture on the power of faith and religion and on the demerits of science seems to assume an almost childlike audience that needs to be spoon-fed Pablum."
Robert Koehler, Variety

"Overall, the film lacks dramatic heft."
Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter
A man who just wants to be left alone has his solitude disrupted when his noisy neighbour discovers a "miracle"

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