Heyy Babyy

2009-09-17 13:18
What it's about:
Three badly behaved and eligible bachelors Arush (Akshay Kumar), Al (Fardeen Khan) and Tanmay (Riteish Deshmukh) have their world turned upside down when a cute and cuddly baby girl is left on their doorstep.

At first the clueless trio cockup every effort to care for the baby, but are quickly won over by her vulnerable charms. However their instant family is soon ripped apart when Angel's mother Esha (Vidya Balan) returns to take legal custody of the daughter she was told had died at birth.

What we thought of it:
You'll be forgiven for thinking you're watching a Bollywood remake of Three Men and a Baby (1987) as the three inexperienced dads fall over themselves to much amusement attempting to feed, clean and entertain their tiny bundle of joy.

Heyy Babyy is an emotional rollercoaster with equal doses of tragedy and hilarity that may leave you laughing and crying at the same time. It feels as if scriptwriter and director Sajid Khan had too much to say in 143 minutes and at every opportunity tossed in a plot twist or song and dance routine.

The sexed-up intro might be a bit too crude for sensitive viewers, but is necessary to demonstrate the uncouth womanizing ways of the bachelors. Although there is no exciting choreography during the first half of the movie, choreographer Farah Khan redeems himself in the second half – and don't miss the delicious cameo by Shahrukh Khan!

Musically, Heyy Babby steers away from the traditional sounds (with a few exceptions) and draws on the modern influences of pop culture to produce an energetic, danceable soundtrack.

Sajid Khan's debut feature film is ultimately a cute story with many (some predictable) plot twists that are a delight to watch. It will leave you feeling that even the most stubborn hearts can change their ways.

- Megan Kakora
Hilarity and dirty diapers are the order of the day when three womanizers are forced to grow up after a baby is dropped on their doorstep.

Ravind 2007/09/20 11:39 AM
Heyy Babby Although this is a remake but it done bollywood style, really loved this movie, moments when you laugh and cry during the movie, then next scene makes you laugh harder. This is a must for Bollywood fans.
Ravind 2007/09/20 11:41 AM
Heyy Babby my email address
jiten 2008/05/28 1:46 PM
great nice movies work of ritesh was good and fardeen khan too
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