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Home on the Range

2006-03-30 12:44


Life is great for the happy animals at "Patch of Heaven," a dairy farm in the old West owned by a kindly lady named Pearl. The farm's inhabitants include Mrs. Caloway, a fastidious and stylish British cow; Grace, a wide-eyed younger cow; and Maggie, an uppity show cow (three time winner of the Golden Udder Award and the original Happy Heifer).

But this idyllic life is shaken when the sheriff arrives to tell Pearl that "Patch of Heaven" will be auctioned in three days unless she comes up with a payment of $750. Maggie proposes that the animals could win some Blue Ribbon prize money at the upcoming county fair, and suggests the cows mosey into town to convince the sheriff to help them get more time.

In town the cows learn about a $750 reward being offered for a notorious cattle rustler named Alameda Slim. They decide to pursue the desperado themselves and collect the reward money in order to save the farm.

What the critics are saying:

"Even at 76 minutes Home On The Range tests the patience, its shapeless plot ensuring it stays a minor addition to the Disney canon."
- Neil Smith, BBCi Film

"This 76-minute Western tall tale isn't out-and-out bad, but strictly formulaic and an underachievement from the studio that made the dazzling Snow White."
- Walter V. Addiego, San Francisco Chronicle

"The cheerful, plucky characters have heart and loyalty, and that's enough to make this a worthy family-friendly animated fest."
- Claudia Puig, USA Today

In Disney's latest animated adventure, three dairy cows venture out into the wild west on a quest to save their idyllic farm from being sold on auction. Despite its hand drawn charm and a stellar line-up of voice actors, the movie doesn't live up to the standard of films like "The Lion King" or "Beauty and the Beast".

Tamsin 2004/11/13 8:44 AM
Entertaning! It is a good movie for children younger than 9! It will keep them entertained for hours! Not so sure that the older viewers will enjoy it as much... Saved!
Ernst 2004/11/13 12:48 PM
Home on the range Fun and I nearly liked the country music
frances 2004/11/13 4:48 PM
home on the range i think it is funny has a lot of humor and is fun for the whole family yes
Ted-d 2005/06/04 9:57 AM
Cute! Since Pixar's movies came on circuit it raised the bar for animation movies. Home on the range doesn't have the same quality plot and animation as does Pixar's but it is still worth watching and stirs a chuckle every now and then. Not a bad one to add to one's animation library. The Incredibles
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