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Hot Fuzz

2007-06-18 12:36
What it’s about:

Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) has a problem. With an arrest record 400% higher than his colleagues in London’s Metropolitan Police Force, he’s just too good at his job. To keep him showing up rest of the force, his superiors transfer him to Sandford, a tiny village with the lowest crime rate in the country. At first Angel is bored to tears, despite the best efforts of his excitable new partner Danny (Nick Frost). But when people begin dying in bizarre accidents, he starts to suspect that all might not be well in this idyllic village.

What we thought of it:

When you say “action-comedy” most of us immediately think of Jerry Bruckheimer or Joel Silver films like Bad Boys or Lethal Weapon. All those explosions and car chases, all that testosterone and charming vulgarity – it’s about as American as a genre can get. So to watch a group of English filmmakers paying homage to these films is both delightful and disconcerting.

And that’s kind of the point. After the runaway success of Shaun of the Dead, their witty homage/parody of George A Romero’s zombie films, it was only a matter of time before Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright got their teeth into another of Hollywood’s axioms. And, as with their first film, they’ve put a uniquely English spin on the proceedings, mixing dry wit and genteel irony with action movie hustle-bustle.

Despite what’s beneath the movie’s bonnet, it doesn’t look English. Its big, bright, heavily saturated visuals are far more Face Off than Notting Hill, full of whip crack editing and slow motion gun battles. But these glossy good looks are also a symptom of the film’s somewhat problematic internal tension – it starts out making fun of action films, an ends up bowing before their icons.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have your cake an eat it. Both aspects are the film are enjoyable enough, but for those who enjoy the Monty-Python-esque absurdity, the John Woo style gunfights are just a side-show. There are still some delicious moments of wit in amongst the guns-n-ammo finale, but they are few and far between.

The transition between parody and homage might not have been so obvious if the film had been tightened up a little. It spends too long on the build-up, and once the high action sequences have begun, it tends to wallow in them a little. This is a 90-minute story – not a two hour one. Still, we might forgive Pegg and Wright this folly. Their film is long because it is stuffed full of so many cool ideas, from references to classic films like The Omen to caricatures of the idyllic English village.

Hot Fuzz is not for everyone – it’s angular, knowing style might be annoying to people in search of a straight-up-and-down English comedy or a pure-blood action film. It’s also a lot more gory than the glossy exterior might suggest and not at all suitable for kids. But for anyone who enjoys watching movie icons torn down, rearranged and then lovingly restored, this is truly something special.

- Alistair Fairweather
Hot Fuzz is like the mutant child of Monty Python and Jerry Bruckheimer - hilarious, high-octane and occasionally just weird. What else do we expect from the guys that made Shaun of the Dead?

Pam 2007/04/19 9:37 AM
HOT FUZZ I won tickets to see Hot Fuzz a week ago. I must admit I didn't know much about the movie and only went because I'd won the tickets but I would recommend any fan of British comedy to go and see this. It was brilliant. I thought all the over the top scenes were the Director's way of taking a stab at American action but if you enjoy action flicks, this one has enough to keep you entertained too.
Bill 2007/04/19 9:57 AM
HOT FUZZ Took my kids (14 & 16) to see this moive while I was in the UK last month. We all thought it was brilliant. Have been driving my mates crazy raving about it - so guess where we're all going next week?
Sherry 2007/04/19 11:14 AM
Hot Fuzz Also won tickets as Pam did. Didn't know what to expect and am not usually a fan of British humour. But this film is great – totally unexpected as Simon Pegg himself says, you don't usually see British cops getting down and dirty and gung ho with guns. It has excellent writing, is well acted and is a total romp. The violence was a lot more gory than I expected, but it fitted. I recommend this film as a great night's entertainment.
robert 2007/04/19 12:45 PM
Dying to see Hot Fuzz I won tickets to see the movie was was sick as a dog and couldn't make it. Been a fan of this team of actors ever since I saw "Shaun of the Dead" which has made my top 10 of Bad Movies! An accolade! Should get round to seeing it this weekend and I am sure I won't be dissapointed.
snippie 2007/04/23 12:40 PM
Great Buddy Cop Spoof I've never seen Shaun of the Dead so did not know what to expect from this movie, but since most reviews were raving it, and there really wasn't anything else showing that looked remotely good, I watched it with a friend. I can only say that it was one of the best "spoof" movies ever. The start dragged a bit, but it was all worth it, as the end was one of the funniest (for all the wrong reasons of course) things I've seen in a movie this year. Really recommend it for anybody that likes a good action movie. (Oh, and try to see how many of the movie references you can spot, there is a lot!)
jorindi 2007/04/30 7:20 PM
hot fuzz There's something strangely sexy about Simon Pegg.
Nas 2007/05/02 9:11 PM
Simon Pegg definately puts the Hot in Hot Fuzz! I loved it! Of course its absolute nonsense but its done with style. There are plenty of laughs to be had especially during the last half hour. This is a must see for anyone who loved Shaun of the Dead.
Robert 2007/05/06 1:24 PM
hot fuzz what a load of rubbish. starts off as a comedy and ends up a 2nd rate horror. all the trailers show a good comedy that even my kids said they wanted to see it. boy were we wrong, half way through the movie, the whole story changed for the worse. in short it sucked!
Denise 2007/05/11 12:41 PM
Hot Fuzz No bad language, no sex, just a realy good laugh. My husband was a policeman in the U.K. many years ago, but nothing like Sergeant Angle, mores the pity.
King Hambit 2007/06/07 6:47 AM
Hot Fuzz One of the funniest movies ive ever seen its a action comedy with a bit of horror those poms sure no how to make comedys!
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