Hotel For Dogs

2009-05-08 13:22
What it's about:

Orphan siblings Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin) live with their awful foster parents (played by Lisa Kudrow and Kevin Dillon) and yearn for an escape. Their antics usually land them in trouble with the police. One day they happen upon a derelict hotel and find that it is home to a number of stray dogs. They decide to adopt the dogs as their own and rope in a few friends to convert the old hotel into a haven for the city's neglected dogs.

What we thought of it:

From Hotel Rwanda to, er, Hotel for Dogs, Don Cheadle sure has fallen on hard times. One can only wonder at the little green $$$ signs that persuaded him to associate himself with a vacuous little kids flick such as this.

In Hotel for Dogs he plays the genteel child services case worker Bernie, rescuer of young, mischievous kids – and has absolutely nothing notable to do for the entire movie, expect do, say and think banal things. In a story awash with clichés and that old stupid grown-ups vs clever kids truism, this is not the way Cheadle, an otherwise commanding performer, should be paying the bills until his next Oscar bait role comes along.

But this movie's intended audience has, of course, never heard or let alone seen Hotel Rwanda, Crash or Traffic, and probably know Cheadle as that dude in Ocean's Eleven who talks a bit funny. For what it is, Hotel for Dogs is sufficiently entertaining for anyone under the age of 14 – it's not particularly cool or clever and skates by on just the right amount of attitude.

What the movie does manage to do is act as the perfect vehicle for 18-year-old Emma Roberts (daughter of Eric, niece of Julia) to branch out into more dramatic roles on her way to becoming the next Anne Hathaway or Reese Witherspoon. She certainly has the pedigree and charm to become the next romcom heroine.

Lisa Kudrow and Kevin Dillon get in a few chuckles as a pair of failed musicians who have delusions of talent and youth, but even these actors' talents are wasted in scenes that feel like snatches from mediocre TV sitcoms.

Parents who plan on watching this with their kids will be bored to distraction, but the tweens probably reckon that cute actors + cute puppies = OMGZ!! Cuteness overload alert!!

Two kids secretly take in nine stray dogs at a vacant house.

robert 2009/04/20 5:58 PM
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so im 23 and im guessing it wouldnt be suitable for me to watch, would it?
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