I Love You, Man

2009-04-23 12:31
What it's about

Estate agent Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) gets engaged to his fiancée Zooey (Rashida Jones), much to the delight of her friends and his family. When it comes out that Peter has no male friends, he goes on a series of awkward man dates to meet someone who can be his best man. By chance Peter bumps into the gregarious Sydney (Jason Segel) at an open house and they hit it off. At first Zooey is happy that Peter has found a friend, but soon becomes wary of the freewheeling Sydney’s influence and the amount of time the two spend together, going to bars, discussing women, and jamming in Sydney’s garage.

What we thought

Raise your hands – who’s ready for another watered down Judd Apatow (The 40 year old Virgin, Knocked Up) style comedy about an underdeveloped manchild bumbling through awkward social situations on his road to winning the girl of his dreams? If you are, I can’t blame you, because these have become the feel-good movies of the mid to late noughties, stuffed full of life affirming friendships, comforting locations and happy endings that don’t entirely beggar belief. If you’re not, then this is just another run of the mill comedy with nothing to distinguish it from the average.

Paul Rudd can’t quite seem to make that step from character actor to leading man despite his skill at playing the underdog, and his knack for humour. He does a totally slick job as the shy, hapless Peter, and most of the time audiences will be eating out of his hands. Jason Segel is even funnier as his opposite – a beer swilling, sexist slob with a heart of gold. With the right script, they could be dynamite, but I Love You, Man only ignites with enough force to scare a neurotic poodle.

The jokes range between predictable and amusing, unfortunately veering towards the former. The faux realistic dialogue contains a few gems, but most of the time Rudd and Segel’s enthusiasm is held back by the frequent mundane sections. As always there are some quirky characters and a little slapstick, but the only real highlights are a few unexpected gross-out moments.

The combination of buddy movie, romantic comedy, and cringe worthy Apatow moments will bring many people, and the majority should have a decent laugh. It’s funnier than The Promotion, a not entirely dissimilar comedy, but it doesn’t even come to close to recent hits like Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Superbad. Enjoyable enough, but nothing special.
A friendless estate agent gets engaged and embarks on a quest to find a buddy to be the best man at his wedding.

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Phelix 2009/04/24 2:02 PM
So this is the "bromance" movie I've been hearing about... straight men who actually dig each other! What a revelation! (yawn) Reckon I'll give it a miss.
osiris1210 2009/05/10 4:40 PM
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this movie is one of those gr8 saturday evening movies you will enjoy watching but cant explain it....a typical guys movie but dont forget to take your gf along.
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