I Think I Love My Wife

2009-03-17 12:50

What its about:

Richard Cooper (Chris Rock) is a man with the perfect marriage - his wife is beautiful, intelligent and a fantastic mother to his children - but there's just one problem: he's bored out of his mind. Despite having it all, Richard can't help but fantasise about having nearly ever woman he sees. Still, it's only fantasy. Then, one fateful day, an alluring, free-spirited (not to mention stunning) old friend suddenly appears at his office door, putting him to the ultimate test.

What we thought of it:

Chris Rock has certainly done better. This movie is nowhere near funny as it claims to be. It makes you wonder, what happened? He did much better as the Head of State. He did even better as Michael Turner in Bad Company. Something went wrong this time around. What happened to that stand-up-comedy sting that first made him famous?

The sharp, witty remarks that make Chris Rock are nowhere to be seen in I Think I Love My Wife. The standard of the acting could also be raised. Kerry Washington oozes with style and grace as, Nikki, the mysterious ‘hot mama’ but one would think an actress of her caliber would bring more depth to the character.

The ‘friendship’ between Nikki and Richard is equally disappointing. It drags on for months, without any juicy developments to the story. This is the kind of couple whose definition of fun is to throw money at passing by pedestrians. No really, they throw out money. Ooh exciting!

These humdrum rendezvous take up the bulk of screen time, with some filler about Richard’s boring life. This might be interesting if they added a little humour, but its bone dry and pathetic.

Even when they do attempt to be funny it is usually mundane disappointing. Even the film’s centerpiece – an outrageously exaggerated scene involving Viagra – turns into one of its most over the top and least funny scenes. Even that is played out ‘til the audience cannot take anymore.
The issue of infidelity is a serious one. You’d expect the movie to really stress the point with more drama and climax , or at least give the audience something to laugh about. But other than Kerry’s beautiful figure strutting the best that fashion has to offer there is nothing at all attractive about the movie.

And as for the grand finale that has Richard and wife Brenda (Gina Torres) lip-synching to a love song - what was Chris thinking? In fact the only real surprise here is if anyone can make it to the credits.

It ain't funny, it ain't clever and it certainly ain't sincere. What was Chris Rock thinking?

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