Ice Princess

2006-03-30 13:02


A high school girl with a passion for physics applies her knowledge to figure skating and falls in love with the sport. She defies her mother, who dreams of sending her to Harvard and instead pursues her dream of becoming a figure skater. What begins as a physics project turns into a life-changing journey that helps her become the princess of the skating rink and bag the boy of her dreams.


Notable performances from Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Euro Trip), Joan Cusack (The School of Rock), Kim Cantrell (Sex and the City) and Hayden Panettiere make this Disney offering as charming as a family movie can get.

Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg) has her life basically planned out. Continue attaining straight As at school, deliver a killer physics project about the dynamics of skating and then attend Harvard. But her lifeline takes a detour when she encounters the world of figure skating and soon the bookworm is enthralled by ice, ice and more ice.

Michelle's performance is strong, sweet and believable. There are moments when the audience may doubt her triple jumps, but her portrayal of a teen geek is spot on. She makes the transition from gawky geek to graceful ice skater with effortless ease.

Kim Cantrell plays Tina Harwood, a former pro skater who has turned to coaching. Kim's performance is convincing, particularly considering we are used to seeing her portraying darker characters rather than a 'Miss Goodie Two Shoes'. Tina coaches her daughter Gen (Hayden Panettiere) and wants her to follow in her footsteps but when Gen has enough of Tina's iron hand, she quits.

Casey's mother, played by Joan Cusack wants her daughter to go to college and achieve the things she would have like to. When she discovers that Casey has been skating behind her back she confronts her in one of the most drama-filled scenes in the movie. "What is the shelf life for an ice skater?", she demands, "Eight years? And then maybe two years touring with Has-Beens on Ice?".

The movie is filled with endearing moments - when Casey learns to use eye-liner, her first kiss on ice, the stamping out of the 'popular-girl' stereotype, her mother finally coming to watch her skate and of course her performance on the ice.

In another nice touch real-life skaters Michelle Kwan and Brian Boitano make guest appearances, but few people besides skating enthusiasts will really care. However "Ice Princess" still hits a homerun and is sure to be enjoyed by hoards of young girls.

- Lamese Abrahams

Disney delivers a charming family movie about a physics geek who blossoms into a figure skater.

Genevieve 2005/04/28 9:54 AM
Ice Prencess I thought it was the best move ever seen and there should be a Ice Prencess 2
ayde 2005/04/29 10:27 AM
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Leandra 2005/04/30 10:28 PM
Ice-princces I think this is a very inspiring movie to young kids who want to achieve big things.
Adrian 2005/05/13 8:53 AM
Ice-Princess My girlfriend dragged me to this.. and it wasn't that bad (for a Disney movie!) Worth taking the kids to, the only thing to watch out for is the horrific trailer of the Ring2 which was shown before this - Ster Kinekor should know better
c.shiva 2007/07/30 5:59 AM
ice princess This film is the most motivative film for all free skaters, and it was more or less like my life story
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