I'm With Lucy

2006-03-30 12:21

After being dumped by a guy she thought was perfect, Lucy (Monica Potter) jumps headlong back into the New York City dating pool. After being set up on a series of blind dates, she meets five eligible bachelors, each with his own strong and weak points.

There's the jock (Anthony LaPaglia), the lover man (Gael Garcia Bernal), the surgeon (David Boreanaz), the divorced writer (John Hannah), and the rule-abiding office worker (Henry Thomas).

Is one of these five very different men the right one for her, or will she have to start all over again? This charming romantic comedy is a comic and truthful look at dating in the big city.

What the critics are saying:

"...a colorful and somewhat touching formula flick..."
- Vince Leo, Qwipster's Movie Reviews

"There were plenty of things that I liked about Lucy, but its plot maneuverings weigh the picture down a bit too much for me to recommend it."
- David Cornelius, Amazing Colossal Website

"Doubtless you'll care as little as I did, since Potter's character is too vapid to be worth keeping in the first place."
- Christopher Null, filmcritic.com

The ever perky Monica Potter is the only real attraction in this formulaic little rom-com. The movie is pleasant enough, but not really worthy of the big screen.

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